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Talking Politics with an Avowed Communist

Jamarr Jabari is a 30-year-old American Communist, a member of the Party for Socialism and Liberation, and I was his guest on his Jabari VOC Podcast, which dropped today on Facebook Live and major podcast channels.

Throughout the show, we discussed domestic politics and the continuing control of the Republican Party by Donald Trump, challenges facing third party candidates in U.S. election, concerns about racism, gun violence, and social justice.

During the episode, I disclosed to Jamarr that I'm working on a my first novel, which is focused on gun violence and efforts to enact sensible gun legislation in a southern state where politicians are controlled by the gun lobby. I also revealed plans for a third volume to complete the collection of blogs previously published: Hijacked Nation: Donald Trump's Attack on America's Greatness.

Jabari expressed concern about U.S. policy involving the increasingly tense situation between Russia and Ukraine, as he noted growing influence of neo-Nazis in that country and President Biden's threatened use of sanctions against Russia.

It was an unusual experience for me -- being a guest on another podcast, as I am usually the host. In fact, Jamarr was my guest in November on The Lean to the Left Podcast, which you can read about and listen to here.

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