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Talking Politics with the Dixie Dems

Updated: May 12, 2022

The "Dixie Dems" on the Lean to the Left Podcast: L-R-Bob Gatty (SC), Arthur Hill (NC) and Robert Thompson (GA)
The "Dixie Dems" on the Lean to the Left Podcast: L-R-Bob Gatty (SC), Arthur Hill (NC) and Robert Thompson (GA)

Today on the Lean to the Left podcast we’re talking politics, and with me are two long-time political analysts and activists from North Carolina and Georgia.

As most of you know, I’m now based in South Carolina, moving here from Maryland a few years ago, and have since been involved in local Democratic politics – an uphill battle, if ever there was one.

But joining me on in this episode are Arthur Hill, from North Carolina, and Robert Thompson, from Georgia. I guess you could call us the "Dixie Dems", except that two of the three of us are NOT native southerners.

Arthur Hill is communications chair of the Brunswick County, North Carolina, Democratic party, who recently wrote a book on the history of St. James, his hometown since 2014. Before he moved to the Tarheel State, he was a public relations professional and freelance writer in Washington, DC. As I did, back in the day, Arthur also worked on Capitol Hill.

Robert Thompson works in technology based in Atlanta, holding various IT positions dating back to 1998. He founded Peach News Now and its opinion podcast, "Got Damn Liberals", because he was tired of telling news stories to other reporters who kept telling him "that's not news." A native of South Georgia, he’s actually a “true” Dixie Dem.

So, while it’s crazy in South Carolina with a Republican Congressman having to defend his vote to impeach Donald Trump against several rightwing candidates, one of whom was endorsed by Trump, I think it’s even wackier in Georgia and North Carolina. At least SC doesn't have a Madison Cawthorn or a Marjorie Taylor Green! Now, with this apparent Roe v Wade decision that’s been reported, it’s probably going to get even worse.

The discussion unwraps the draft abortion ruling and the political implications, ranges into the argument over what can and cannot be taught in schools, Republican candidate misadventures, Trump's influence, and much more. There's lots of insight, but plenty of laughs along the way, as well.

As Hill says in the episode, "The Republicans sit on a hill with a flintlock rifle and say 'no,' but they have no new ideas." So that's just a sample of the tenor and tone of this conversation.

In fact, the three of us enjoyed the conversation so much we're planning on making this a regular monthly feature on the podcast.

Take a listen:

Full video version:

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