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Ted Tells the Truth & is Roasted by the Right

The fact that Texas Senator Ted Cruz (R-Tx), (AKA Lyin’ Ted) told the truth about those involved in the January 6thinsurrection is worthy of a banner headline in and of itself. That right wing media is tearing him a new one is equally laughable. And yet, there you have it. Not only did Lyin’ Ted call the MAGA crowd terrorists, but he was forced to appear on Fox “news” to apologize for it.

Apparently, when you always lie, it’s a sin worthy of being locked in irons if you dare to speak the truth. And so it was that Ted was forced to grovel while downing a heaping plate of crow. Certainly, a trip to the woodshed in Mar a Lago is in his future, similar to the pilgrimage taken by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Ca) when he dared to state the facts about that fateful day.

A photo op later and McCarthy was sent scampering back to Washington to promote the Big Lie and thwart any efforts by other members of Congress from telling the truth. Prior to the aforementioned photo op there was undoubtedly a tremendous amount of backtracking, and certainly a dramatic retelling of the events that led to the insurrection.

If he is to regain Donald Trump’s approval, Cruz will certainly need to endure more of the same humiliation. Cruz will probably have to bite his tongue as Trump comments about his ugly wife and hear more insults about how his father was somehow involved in the JFK assassination.

Donald Trump created childish nicknames to belittle his opponents. It’s reflective of the immature bullies he and his followers are. There’s “Crooked Hillary”, “Little Marco”, and his most recent demeaning label, “Sleepy Joe”. Yet none seems to hit the bullseye as accurately as “Lyin’ Ted.

Cruz belittled fellow Texan, Beto O’Rourke for not using his actual name. Yet Cruz doesn’t do so himself. His REAL first name is Eduardo. Cruz tried to explain it away as a joke.

Yeah, Ted. You are freaking hilarious!

While Texans were dying from an unprecedented cold spell, Lyin Ted was on a plane to Cancun. When images of his exodus were revealed, he threw his own daughters under the bus and blamed them for leaving the state in a time of crisis. He insisted that he was just dropping them off and quickly returning.

Of course, this was all a lie, or as he explained it, “a mistake“, so I guess we are supposed to give him a pass on that.

That didn’t prevent him from having the audacity to be “pissed” at his neighbors whose leaking of his wife’s texts exposed Cruz’s hypocrisy.

Ignoring the fact the deaths were attributed to a faulty power grid, Cruz mocked the rolling blackouts in California during a heat wave. He also slammed Democratic politicians who took vacations during the pandemic.

Yeah, like you’ve got room to talk.

Despite his history of prevarications, exaggerations and outright lies, it was the time Ted told the truth that has Conservatives outraged. They ignored the fact that Cruz applied the same label seventeen other times. That he did it on the anniversary of the January 6th insurrection was apparently a bridge too far.

And so it was that Ted was forced to appear before professional propagandist Tucker Carlson to issue a retraction of the truth. He tried to explain that he was “sloppy” in his choice of wording when describing the insurrectionists as terrorists.

This didn’t prevent Carlson’s head from exploding, which it does quite often when faced with facts. Carlson gave Cruz the beat down he felt befitting of someone who dared to speak the truth. Carlson screamed that they weren’t terrorists, but true defenders of democracy. Citing his own propaganda piece, Carlson asserted that there were thousands of, largely peaceful pro-Trump supporters who had their reputations besmirched by radical left infiltrators in a false flag operation aimed at discrediting the rightful winner of the 2020 presidential election.

That’s quite a mouthful not to mention a tremendous feat of verbal contortionism considering the overwhelming visual evidence of the events of the worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War.

With his eye on a potential run for president in 2024, Cruz will need to realize that the truth is not his friend. If he hopes to make a splash, he will have to stick to the tactics that got him where he is today. He needs to be “Lyin’ Ted” once more.

Heaven help us!

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