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Telling My Story on the Epics Podcast

It was awesome being interviewed by a young podcaster, Alex Wait, whose Epics Podcast is dedicated to fighting hate with stories.

Alex, who appeared previously on my Lean to the Left podcast, started his podcast because he believes that the foundation of hate and discrimination in our world comes from a lack of understanding of those who are different from ourselves.

"We plan to combat that by hearing everyone's stories, that we can better understand them, be a part of creating real positive change," he says.

"Bob and I spent our time reliving some of Bob’s favorite stories from his reporting career and discussing the political ties of the media as well as how the shift to opinion based media has contributed to the political division in our country," he adds.

"There is so much that we can learn from Bob’s story and insight after working in the press for so long, I think he brings valuable insight into our current relationship with our media and news sources in addition to having some great stories to share!"

Thanks, Alex. I believe what you are doing with #epicspod is a great service to our country when there is so much division and even hate between people with differing political views. Listening respectfully and understanding others' reasoning is essential if ever we are to truly become the "United" States of America.

I'd like to encourage Lean to the Left subscribers, followers, and listeners to check out #epicspod and if you like this episode, please leave a review on iTunes here.

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C J Waldron
C J Waldron
Oct 16, 2022

You have certainly led an interesting life. Thanks for allowing us to be a small part of it.

Bob Gatty
Bob Gatty
Oct 16, 2022
Replying to

Thanks, Chris. You are an important part of it, now.

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