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Tempo and the Times to Debut Friday, March 12

Susan Anders

I'm pleased to announce that my podcast partner, Scott Ramminger, and I have just completed our first interview for our new podcast, Tempo and the Times, which will premier Friday, March 12.

In recognition of Women's History Month, our guest is Susan Anders, a Nashville, TN-based musician and songwriter who has just released a new album, "13 Women," which features songs honoring 13 notable women, some famous, some not, who have made an impact in our history. The album was created to commemorate Women's History Month.

The interview tracks Anders' musical career, which began at age 11 when her parents bought her a guitar, and since has produced nine albums, including four singles.

On the podcast, she will talk about some of the influences in her career, what it's like creating music and performing in the age of Covid, her partnership with her musician husband, the challenges that face female performers in the music industry as well as the challenges that confront independent musicians today because of the influence of technology.

It's a fascinating conversation as Ramminger, also a Nashville-based musician and songwriter, was forced to admit he was probably Anders' worse voice student because of his failure to complete his assignments or do his vocal exercises.

You'll be able to listen to our podcast beginning Friday by visiting or by clicking here. I think you'll find it informative and, hopefully, entertaining. Meanwhile, you can learn more about Anders and listen to her music here.

Tempo and the Times brings together the confluence of music, art, and popular culture with politics and news. Episodes, featuring great guests and interviews, will stream every Friday, Our introductory episode can be heard here.

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