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The American Dream Revisited

We need to not deprive millions of adequate healthcare in the midst of a pandemic.

We need to love thy neighbor, no matter their race, creed, sexual orientation, immigration status (We ALL are descendants of immigrants) or even their chosen profession, be it law enforcement, education or any other.

We need to have sensible gun control. Too many young people have died at the end of a gun. The NRA needs to be labeled a terrorist organization and lose its tax-exempt status.

We need to respect a woman’s right to her own healthcare decisions, and not allow religious views to invade legal or personal decisions.

We need to unite as a country and end the partisan politics that divide us. Country over party.

We need term limits in Congress, so the entrenched old White men don’t keep us stuck in the past with old ideas and beliefs.

We need leaders who represent ALL Americans; not just those who support them.

We need openness in government, and not leaders who issue edicts via social media so they cannot be challenged.

We need an end to nepotism in politics. It doesn’t matter if you’re paid or not, especially when you use the trappings of your position to benefit yourself financially.

We need leaders who can pass a test in basic Civics, the same as we demand of those seeking citizenship.

We need to declare organizations like Q Anon, the Proud Boys, the Boogaloo Boys and other white supremacist groups domestic terrorist organizations

We need Americans who don’t hide behind the flag, or the cross, as a means of denying basic rights to minorities.

We need to end systematic racism in our law enforcement. Retrain, don’t defund.

We need an end to religious persecution. Don’t claim freedom of religion if you deny this basic right to others.

We need to have honesty in our media and disavow those who exercise extreme bias.

We need those who spread false, unsubstantiated, conspiracy theories to be held accountable under the full extent of the law with both criminal and civil consequences.

We need our leaders to divulge any foreign entanglements and domestic finances that could compromise their ability to lead.

We need to listen to the scientists and healthcare professionals and stop demonizing the educated.

We need to respect our military. They are NOT “Losers” or “Suckers”.

We need to be sure every vote counts!

We need to live in hope and not fear.

Only then can we make American great.

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