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The Bob & Jackie Show: Did Ya Ever Wonder?

Whoever decided that ants were good to eat? Or how about a bull's penis? And why are sailors' hats shaped the way they are?

And who came up with the idea that Donald Trump should be elected president?

We wonder.

That's the "meat" of the latest episode of the world famous Bob & Jackie Show, now featured on the Not Fake News YouTube channel, to which every NFN reader, subscriber and member is invited to subscribe. Please...please do it. Right now we only have two subscribers, which is embarrassing. If course we just launched it, so that's clearly the reason.

So this latest episode, just under 11 minutes long, is an exercise in wonderment. Did ya ever wonder who decided why oysters and clams would be a good thing to eat? Or blue crabs.

"What if they tried to bite it (the crab)?" Jackie asks. "Hmm, that didn't work!"

Or ants. "I kill the little bastards, I don't eat 'em," Jackie says.

Or liver, or pig's feet.

And then, as mentioned above, baby duck embryos and bull's penises are considered aphrodisiacs in some Asian countries. "That's all a man has to hear," Jackie says.

OK, I'm not going to tell you any more of the details. Just take a break and watch the video. I think you'll get a laugh.

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So....I probably never told you I once worked on a shrimp boat!

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