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The Bob & Jackie Show: Standin' on the Corner

Here's the latest episode of the Bob & Jackie Show, a recounting by Jackie Cristiano of her days growing up in a Pittsburgh neighborhood, where guys would stand on the corner and whistle and hoot at girls as they walked by.

You'll hear Jackie's hilarious tale of Millie, her mother's, friend, who always warned Jackie and her sister to stay away from the "stunads," the lazy, shiftless guys on the corner. But Jackie says most of those guys weren't really stunads. They were just guys who gathered on the corner to watch the girls, smoke and hang out.

Millie had a favorite word she would use to describe certain foods, among other things. "Let;'s go get some schpeedaschpadashpilkinglaze," she would say. "I'll drive." But, says Jackie, Millie did not drive. She didn't have a car. Or a license. And, she didn't know how.

A rather hefty woman, Millie loved to entertain with her "dirty dance," rolling her stomach like a belly dancer, recounts Jackie.

The episode turns to a discussion of neighborhoods and how people used to pull together and help each other, a bit different from what seems to be common in all too many neighborhoods today.

So check out this episode here. Hope you enjoy it.

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