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The Dangerous Reality of Sleepwalking into a Dictatorship

This graphic was pulled from Facebook.
Good question, Mr. President.

Donald Trump is warning Americans that if he is sent back to the White House he will use the power of the federal government against those who have opposed him, essentially turning the Justice Department into his own, personal police force.

Former GOP U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney, who's father, Dick Cheney, was vice president under President George W. Bush and a hard-line Republican, is now warning that voters should listen to Trump's pledge, that it's not simply hyperbole being spewed by the orange creature.

"He's told us what he will do," Cheney said on CBS. "It's very easy to see the steps that he will take. … People who say, 'Well, if he's elected, it's not that dangerous because we have all of these checks and balances,' don't fully understand the extent to which the Republicans in Congress today have been co-opted. … One of the things that we see happening today is a sort of a sleepwalking into dictatorship in the United States."

Cheney, who maintains her solid conservative credentials, also warned that new House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) is in cahoots with Trump and will support those efforts of retribution by the defeated, twice impeached, and four-times indicted former president.

"If you look at what Donald Trump is trying to do, he can't do it by himself," Cheney told CBS Correspondent John Dickerson in an interview. "He has to have collaborators. And the story of Mike Johnson is a story of, of a collaborator and of someone who knew then – and knows now – that what he's doing and saying is wrong, but he's willing to do it in an effort to please Donald Trump. And that's what makes it dangerous."

Johnson already is doing Trump's bidding, going after President Joe Biden with a phoney impeachment inquiry that is based on nothing except hate and retribution. Appearing on Fox News with Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY), another Trump loyalist, Johnson said he intends to bring a vote on impeachment.

“Elise and I both served on the impeachment defense team of Donald Trump twice, when the Democrats used it for brazen, partisan political purposes. We decried that use of it," said Johnson. "This is very different. Remember, we are the rule-of-law team. We have to do it very methodically,” he said.

That is hilarious! The Republicans, who blindly support an ego maniac who tried to overthrow the 2020 election among other criminal acts including violating the Espionage Act and fraudulent business dealings, claim to be the "law and order team?" What a joke!

The Republicans, of course, are using questions about Biden's son, Hunter, and his business activities to tarnish the president, and last month issued subpoenas asking Hunter, the president's brother, James, and family associate Rob Walker to appear for depositions. Hunter said he would testify publicly before the House Oversight Committee, but the Republicans said, 'oh no, we want this done behind closed doors."

Really? What are they afraid of?

Obviously, the MAGA Republicans who now effectively control the House of Representatives, want to do everything possible to discredit Biden, hoping desperately to return Trump to the presidency because that could be the only way for him to escape being sent to federal prison.

The Dangerous Reality of Sleepwalking into a Dictatorship

In fact, Steven Sadow, Trump's lead counsel in the Fulton County, GA racketeering case against Trump, told the judge Dec. 1 that if Trump wins the 2024 election, his trial on charges that he conspired to overturn his election loss in Georgia would have to wait until after he leaves the White House.

Meanwhile, Trump continues to tell us exactly what he would do if elected -- like use the power of the federal government to attack his opponents and kill off the Affordable Care Act, something he and the Republicans already attempted, but failed. You have to wonder why would he drag up an issue that already has been settled, one that few people support? It makes no sense.

Pulled from Facebook

Like everything else about Trump and the Republicans, it's all about lies, misrepresentations, and threats, as this graphic pulled from Facebook indicates.

Incredibly, Trump now is trying to claim support from Black Lives Matter, a movement that he has derided in the past. In a post on Truth Social, Trump called Rhode Island BLM activist Mark Fisher "a great guy" and said he was "very honored to have his and BLM's support."

Only problem is that it's just another Trump exaggeration (i.e., lie) as a spokesperson for the Rhode Island BLM group disclosed that Fisher is no longer affiliated with them.

So, the lies, threats, exaggerations keep coming and the MAGA crowd swallows it all up. Are they ready for a Trump dictatorship?

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