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The Dixie Dems: Trump's Trial, RFK Jr.'s Brain Worm & Easing Political Division in America

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Welcome to another exciting episode of the Lean to the Left podcast. If you're into politics, you'll want to stick around for a hefty plate of topics today—from Trump’s hush money trial to a new nationwide initiative aimed at reducing political divisiveness. We'll also touch on a Supreme Court gerrymandering decision, bizarre revelations about RFK Jr., and more.

Who are the Dixie Dems?

Arthur Hill from North Carolina, Robert Thompson from Georgia and me, Bob Gatty, originally from Maryland but now living in South Carolina.

Arthur is vice chair of the Brunswick County, North Carolina Democratic Party. Robert, based in Atlanta, founded Peach News Now and hosts its opinion podcast, Got Damn Liberals. I spend my time hosting this podcast and managing the Lean to the Left blog site.

Together, we are the Dixie Dems. 

Trump’s Hush Money Trial

First off, let's dive into Trump's hush money trial. Trump struggled to stay awake and reportedly had trouble refraining from passing gas during the trial, causing a real stink. He refused to testify, claiming he disagrees with Judge Merchan's rulings. So, what’s the possible outcome?


Robert Thompson: "My take is that if he's found guilty, Trump will just appeal it as another political witch hunt. Conversely, he could get off if even one juror votes in his favor since it’s a criminal trial requiring a unanimous decision."


Arthur Hill: "Considering the numerous counts against him, it’s tough to imagine he won’t be found guilty of something."


Bob Gatty: "It's a shame this case was prioritized while other cases are delayed until after the election."


Arthur Hill: "Even if Trump is guilty, some polls suggest he'd lose significant support, especially among Republicans. But the passing gas comment? I’d argue he’s been passing gas for 75 years."


Robert Thompson: "People are tired of Trump's antics and the divisiveness he brings. Even Republicans are worn out. Nikki Haley, off the record, must be tired of him too."


The Divisiveness in Politics

There’s clear fatigue regarding the divisiveness in politics, much of it attributed to Trump. Arthur Hill contends this sentiment extends to down-ballot candidates as well.


Arthur Hill: "In North Carolina, Mark Robinson, the Republican gubernatorial candidate, bizarrely claimed the theory of evolution is demonic. That's reflective of the fatigue people feel about extreme and nonsensical views."


The TOGETHER! Initiative

On a more hopeful note, former Democratic presidential candidate Jason Palmer has launched “TOGETHER!” aimed at mobilizing young voters and reducing political polarization. He is joined in the initiative by Democrat Kwame Jackson and Republican Deborah Perry Piscione.


Bob Gatty: "Palmer's initiative, TOGETHER!, seeks to register a million young voters while promoting bipartisanship by endorsing leaders from all political backgrounds. You can learn more about this in our episode featuring Palmer and his associates."


RFK Jr.’s Bizarre Revelation

RFK Jr. recently revealed that a worm was found in his brain. Yes, you read that correctly.


Arthur Hill: "There’s only one worm, and it’s dead. Still, why would he disclose such a bizarre fact?"


Robert Thompson: "It’s perplexing he’d even share this information, opening himself up for ridicule."

Bob Gatty: "Was it a MAGA worm?"


The Supreme Court and Gerrymandering

In more serious news, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld a redistricting map in South Carolina that a lower court said discriminates against Black voters. The decision has national implications.


Bob Gatty: "This ruling is symbolic of the current stacking of courts in favor of conservative rulings."


Local State Issues

The podcast turns to pressing state issues—Arthur Hill discusses North Carolina’s controversial mask law and DEI funding cuts, while Robert Thompson delves into Georgia’s provisional ballot problems and mechanisms that could impact the Fulton County court clerk race.


Arthur Hill: "A North Carolina bill would eliminate the mask-wearing exemption for health reasons, reverting to laws aimed originally at the Ku Klux Klan. There's considerable concern over this."


Robert Thompson: "In Georgia, provisional ballots often end up uncounted due to a complex verification process. Recent election outcomes may be influenced by high numbers of rejected ballots."


Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Controversies

Greene continues to make headlines, most recently firing Travis Loudermilk amidst scandal and attempting to oust Speaker Mike Johnson.


Robert Thompson: "It's yet another embarrassing chapter in American and Georgian politics. Her actions signify continuing instability within the Republican Party."


In Summary

From Trump's quirky trial mishaps to efforts at reducing divisiveness through new initiatives like TOGETHER!, it’s clear the political landscape is ever-evolving. Tune into our podcast for an in-depth discussion of these issues and to stay engaged and informed!


Stay tuned for more political analysis and lively discussion.

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The Dixie Dems_ From Trump's Trial & RFK Jr.'s Brain Worms to Reducing Divisiveness
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