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The Earth's Sustainability: 'We're in Bad Shape'

Preserving a sustainable planet is in jeopardy and religious and political dogma stand in the way of progress for all of mankind, says long-time business executive and author Kit Webster.

"We're heading headlong into a future in which reality is going to impose itself on us as opposed to our controlling our approach into a new reality," says Webster, author of "Capitalism is Past its Sell-by Date," on The Lean to the Left Podcast.

Burgeoning population growth and continuous unbridled consumption mean that the earth's natural resources of water, fish, top soil are rapidly being diminished, and that political leaders must recognize that fact and take responsible action.

Webster says the best way to reduce the expansion of the world's population "is to educate control their fertility." But, he adds, "politics and religion are going to get in the way all over the world" because of opposition by conservatives and some religions to abortion and even contraception.

"But these are huge problems," says Webster.

The battle against climate change, which has increased on popularity and strength with the Biden administration, is an important contribution to sustainability of the world's natural resources, but it is not enough, Webster contends.

Are political leaders being responsible or irresponsible in dealing with issues of sustainability?

"Irresponsible with a capital I," he replied.

Here the complete interview here:

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