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The Essence of Sex and Marriage

So you guys probably expect another nasty anti-Trump blog today, especially given the testimony in the impeachment hearing by ousted Ambassador Yovanovitch and Trump's real-time tweeting and whining when he was called out for trying to intimidate her.

But no.

Today's blog is about what the title says. Sex and marriage.

In fact, it's based on a video that I put together using some hilarious, but all-to-true quotes sent to me by my dear, darling, and very sexy wife, Jackie Cristiano.

No need for me to go into too much more detail. Just click on the video and see for yourself.

Meanwhile, I will just say that Trump must be getting nervous about this impeachment "hoax." On Wednesday, he claimed not to have watched the proceedings, but today he watched so intently that he tweeted in real time.

Whine, whine, whine.

Whoops! I said I wasn't going to write about that. Just check out this video, which I worked on this afternoon after watching a lot of the hearing, but tiring after the Republicans tried to belittle her and say she wasn't relevant.

I will add this.

Despite these hearings, which are demonstrating that Trump did, indeed, attempt to bribe Ukrainian President Zelinsky into investigating Biden if he wanted money from the U.S. to defend itself, Always Trumpers are still sticking by their man,

This morning, one of my Trump-loyalist friends sent me a video that is supposed to show all the wonderful things this man has done since his election. He said he could not understand why I didn't recognize all that Trump has done.

I replied back that I do recognize what he has done: lie, intimidate, cage immigrant children, try to cut Medicare and Social Security, try to rig an election, threaten the free press, ruin our environment, and now, attempt to bribe a foreign leader with U.S. tax money for his own political benefit.

He didn't answer.

Have a nice evening, and enjoy the video.

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