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The GOP is Now the Pro-Death Party


For decades the GOP has made the claim they are pro-life. Since the rise of Trump and MAGA they have now become the pro-death party. And they do not care who knows it.

Let us look at all the recent pro-death actions and rhetoric coming from Trump and the GOP.

Donald Trump

Trump constantly makes statements showing his disregard for human life. On a campaign stop in Iowa, one day after a school shooting, he said “we have to get over it.” As if getting over the death of innocent children is akin to getting over having your car stolen.

In September 2023 Trump lashed out at former Joint Chief Gen. Mark Milley who he claimed was in league with China against him while he was president. Trump’s comment was “This is an act so egregious that, in times gone by, the punishment would have been DEATH!” It is apparent that Trump would have no problem using federal authority to support a pro-death agenda.

Trump was indicted on Federal Election Interference charges last year and his attorneys have filed a motion to dismiss based on presidential immunity. Last week in a hearing we learned that presidential immunity includes assassination of political enemies with no criminal consequences. The expectation is that impeachment and removal is the only consequence. And with the same political party as the President running both houses of Congress, it means legalized murder.

Trump has called the January 6 insurrectionists political prisoners and has promised to pardon them when he is elected. These are the same people who were either directly or indirectly responsible for the attacks on police that resulted in the death of Capitol police officer Brian Sicknick and the chant of “hang Mike Pence.” Anyone willing to kill for Trump is aces in his book.

Meanwhile in Texas…

Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas may be the worst sort of monster when it comes to complete disregard for human life. He continues to use Texas tax money to transport immigrants to Illinois and he is doing it during winter months when temperatures are below freezing, snowstorms are prevalent and shelters in Chicago are already overcrowded. One can only guess the objective is that they freeze to death.

Abbott’s preference is to shoot people coming across the border instead of letting them in. He recently made the comment “The only thing that we are not doing is we’re not shooting people who come across the border – because, of course, the Biden administration would charge us with murder.”

Yesterday Abbott’s actions were responsible for the death of three immigrants. He authorized the seizure of Shelby Park in Eagle Pass, TX from federal jurisdiction and sent National Guard troops in to “protect” Texas from illegals. The National Guard prevented federal authorities from helping a woman and two children who were crossing the Rio Grande. The three drowned because federal agents were not allowed to render assistance.

Gov. Abbott now has real blood on his hands.

Texas is also one the red states with the most heinous anti-abortion laws. Last month a pregnant woman, Kate Cox, applied for a medical exception because the fetus was non-viable and her life could be in danger if she did not get an abortion. The Texas Supreme Court upheld the law Abbott signed and forced Cox to go to another state to get healthcare.

Several red states would rather see a woman die than abort a fetus who would not survive. The war on women’s health is disguised as a pro-life agenda.

The Pro-Death Party

This election year is not just about Democracy on the ballot, it is whether a president and his political party can legally determine who has the right to live and who they can let die or kill.

We must vote for Human Rights in November.

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