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The Mysteries of the English Language

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Ever wonder why some words that are identically pronounced are spelled differently, or why there are silent letters that seem to have no purpose.

This is a mystery that my wife, #JackieCristiano, continually asks me, so we decided to explore it in a new Not Fake News video, which is dedicated to my sweet step mother,

Thelma Smith Gatty, who was a Scrabble queen and a true wordsmith. How she loved to read and write. Known as PeeDee, she passed away quietly this morning.

In fact, we've just launched a new Not Fake News YouTube channel here, so please check it out and subscribe. I expect to produce frequent videos, including silly ones like this, as well as others based on conversations with other Not Fake News writers regarding the topics of their blogs.

Hope you check it out. Meanwhile, enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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