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The New NFN Blog Format: Key Features

Image by rawpixel from Pixabay
Why I'm using an old typewriter to illustrate new stuff, I'll never know.

As you may have noticed, Not Fake News is now using a new format resulting from changes rolled out by, the company that provides the platform for our blog.

While the default text size and font is more readable, and photos are larger and more vivid, there are some other key points readers should be aware of:

  1. Comments on every blog are encouraged. But to comment, readers now must sign up as a site Member by clicking on the Members tab at the top of the page, adding name, email address and password.

  2. Members have access to our Forum, now being developed, which provides a place for discussion on specific topics.

  3. Members will receive free shipping on products in the NFN shop, which includes original message T-shirts, caps, tote bags and other items.

  4. Unfortunately, Wix places subscribers who do not open several blogs in a row or click links on the site on the "inactive" list. That is a fate worse than death, as they will no longer receive our blogs directly via email when they are published. If you no longer wish to receive Not Fake News, simply hit the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the blog page.

  5. To find the home page from an individual blog page, just click on the All Posts tab at the top.

  6. You can offer suggestions for blog topics, or send private comments to me, at

Oh...if you're not a Not Fake News subscriber, just visit and complete the form at the top of the page. To become a member, just click on the Members tab.

Thanks much. I hope you enjoy Not Fake News.

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