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The Parallel Universe Version of the 2016 Election

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

The concept of parallel universes has been used in many science fiction novels and films and now there may be evidence that there really are alternative realities existing along side ours.

What would a parallel universe look like if the 2016 election had turned out differently?

America in a Parallel Universe

It’s 2016. A Democratic woman is elected President of the United States. The House and Senate are both controlled by Republicans. The GOP presidential candidate cries election fraud, but all of his avenues to overturn the election are fruitless. Most of the GOP Congress is outraged because they also believe the election was fraudulent, but grudgingly accept the results as they can’t prove it.

The GOP candidate continues to stir up his supporters, except as he is just a private citizen he does not have the power of the presidency to attempt a coup or to try to force any state or Congress to overturn the election. He gives up and vows to come back again and win.

We have not heard the last of him.

He continues to rally his base to prevent a Democratic comeback in Congress at the mid-term elections. He spreads lies and creates conspiracy theories to increase support for GOP candidates. He is successful and the GOP maintains control of Congress throughout the Democratic president’s term.

Re-elected Congresspersons and Senators are now beholden to him for keeping them in office and swiftly move away from their moderate views to those that more closely match the failed candidate’s vision of America. Their new base expects no less of them and their fear of removal at the next election is palpable if they don’t comply.

White supremacists are now violently marching for “White rights”, egged on by the failed GOP candidate who is still using outrageous lies to stir up violence across the country.

Some GOP Congresspersons and Senators condemn the actions and are called traitors. Others vocally support these groups to stay on the good side of the failed candidate because they are afraid of him turning the mob on them in the Capitol.

Blocking the President at Every Turn

The GOP Congress blocks every policy the new president tries to get passed. There is no “working across the aisle” for the good of the American people. All bills vetoed by the President are overturned and all of their bills pass into law.

Bills intended to address violence by police against people of color are tabled because the GOP Congress says police are doing their duty and the reports of these shootings are a hoax intended to stir up protests and violence by “liberal mobs” across the country. They double down and encourage police to violate people’s civil rights.

The majority of Americans are outraged by the police violence taking place. They lobby Congress to no avail. They march and hold rallies in the Capitol and in all state Capitols to draw attention to the crisis. They try every legal avenue afforded them under the Constitution, but make no progress.

There is violence at these rallies and marches as armed White supremacist groups are exercising their rights to free speech and the right to bear arms, which they feel are theirs and theirs alone. They are encouraged, again, by the failed GOP candidate.

The President makes a statement supporting the movement and condemning the violence. She promises to address the issue and bring peace to the country and signs executive orders as a short-term measure. Congress immediately files articles of impeachment against her for inciting insurrection and violating her oath of office to defend and protect all Americans.

She is impeached by a vote along party lines and removed from office, also by a partisan vote. No Democrat and only a few Republicans supported impeachment or removal.

These Republicans are now labeled enemies of the people by the Republican party. Their re-election is in jeopardy as the Republican party irrevocably slips into the party of suppressing American voices that go against their vision of an authoritarian government that will ensure their hold on power.

They will install a dictator at the next election, even by rigging it if they have to.

A massive attempt is made to install voter suppression laws in all GOP run states to ensure the next GOP candidate for president is easily elected. In swing states, election officials will be bribed to discard ballots from Democratic voters, but just enough so the GOP candidate wins.

There can be no landslide to draw suspicion.

The failed 2016 candidate runs in 2020 and is, not surprisingly, elected. Republicans retain their majority in both the House and the Senate.

America is no longer a Democratic Republic. Now, it has a President who is installed for life. It is an authoritarian regime where enemies of the party are removed and jailed or executed.

Perhaps from gallows erected on the grounds of the Capitol.

Today's Question

Could this have been our reality the last four years if Trump lost the 2016 election? Or could it be our future with another GOP candidate if Trump is acquitted and not held accountable for his actions?

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