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The Republican Blame Game on Ukraine

Biden speaks
President Biden addresses the nation on Russia's attack on Ukraine.

Once again Republicans are showing their failure to comply with their oath to defend the Constitution and instead are demonstrating their spineless fealty to one man when it comes to the war in Ukraine. Rather than back President Biden’s actions, they are continually slamming him as being weak and ineffective in his response to Russia’s invasion of a neighboring country.

They are either being deliberately ignorant or politically naïve when they do so and are showing their collective amnesia when it comes to the role the previous administration had in allowing Russia to feel emboldened enough to carry out this move. Whatever the reason, some are bordering on treason as they support America’s enemy over its allies in NATO who are unified in their standing behind Ukraine.

It’s a fact that Russian President Vladimir Putin saw the time was right to launch his long anticipated attack on Ukraine because he viewed America, and NATO, as being weak and divided. He’s certainly correct in this assertion, but many Republicans are in denial as to the reason why.

During his failed administration, Donald Trump repeatedly attempted to belittle the NATO alliance, some blaming this group for America’s economic woes. He even stormed out of a NATO conference after images of him being chastised by the leaders of other member nations were circulated.

The result was the perception that NATO was a fractured alliance, and one that could be exploited. This supposed weakness was seen as an opportunity by Vladimir Putin. It became a green light for him to launch his forces into Ukraine as he saw NATO being of no consequence in opposing such an action.

In Russia’s eyes, Donald Trump was successful in destroying NATO.

Meanwhile, back in the good old U S of A, Republicans were successful in dividing the nation in a way not seen since the Civil War. There was the January 6th insurrection, increased voter suppression, unfounded claims of a stolen election and a rigged system, and the frightening possibility that Donald Trump could return to power in 2024.

All of these pointed to a definitely polarized environment in America. It was one Vladimir Putin was only too happy to exploit.

All the evidence pointing to Trump’s complicity in creating a weakened view of both the United States and the NATO alliance didn’t deter Republicans from blaming President Biden. The third ranking Congressional Republican, Elise Stefanik (R-NY) tweeted that the situation in Ukraine was entirely the fault of Joe Biden. She claimed his weakness made the world ‘less safe’, and emboldened Russia to move against its neighboring country.

Stefanik and other MAGA-following Republicans obviously have developed collective amnesia over Donald Trump’s role both in trying to weaken NATO and creating a schism in America. Instead, they are all too willing to create political hay out of a situation behind which Americans should be presenting a united front.

Meanwhile, rather than being supportive of Ukraine, Donald Trump is heralding Putin’s invasion as ‘genius’, further strengthening his position where he admires authoritarian figures over democratically elected individuals.

He further bragged that Putin wouldn’t have invaded Ukraine if he were still in office. And he quickly pivoted to his tired refrain as he said it was the result of a rigged system and a stolen election.

Per usual, Republicans are wrong on both fronts. Absent Trump’s deliberate efforts to sabotage the alliance, a United NATO is standing firm in its opposition to Russian aggression. While they won’t commit to sending actual troops into Ukraine, they are providing weapons and logistical support while vowing to adhere to their commitment to defend any member country if they are attacked by Russia.

The fight is still happening all around Ukraine, but there is hope on the horizon. Russia and Ukraine have agreed to send delegates to meet to discuss possible solutions to the conflict as Russians have been met with stronger than anticipated resistance from Ukrainians. Perhaps the prospect of another prolonged conflict is causing Russia to have a change of heart?

Whatever the outcome, the war at home continues. And Republicans continue to play the blame game.

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We are certainly very divided as a country, and I have seen friendships 'deteriorate as a result of this insanity!

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