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Coping with The Silent Scream

Kelsey Walker, confronting "the silent scream" resulting from loss of a child.

As we celebrate Women’s History Month in March, the Lean to the Left Podcast presents the fourth in a series of guests to mark that occasion -- women who may be unheralded and not all that famous, but who are making significant contributions to society.

Today’s guest is Kelsey Walker and our topic is abortion. Since she was a teenager, Kelsey’s been a warrior for reproductive rights and then had her own experience with abortion. Then, she and her husband learned that their unborn child, whom they named Hope, had the fatal version of osteogenesis imperfecta, or "brittle bone disease." In other words, virtually every bone in Kelsey's baby was broken -- inside her womb.

There was no choice but to have an abortion, and onerous state laws not only made this difficult, but resulted in psychological trauma that affects Kelsey to this day.

From the trauma of that experience, she wrote a memoir, “Face Everything and Rise,” and now she’s founded a nonprofit, “From the Green Desk” to coach and provide group therapy for women who’ve had abortions, lost pregnancies, or children.

By doing this, she says she hopes to eliminate the painful “silent scream” that results from these losses. And along the way, she actively protests against the raft of onerous anti-abortion laws that are being enacted.

Kelsey's story is one of courage, and yes, "Hope." Take a listen.

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Tears in eyes. She is contributing so much to help others.

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