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The Story of a Cherished Christmas Sleigh

More than 70 years ago, a young father built with his own two hands a beautiful Christmas sleigh complete with reindeer, a sleigh that has been cherished by his family ever since.

That father was Mike Mancini, my wife, Jackie's dad. They lived in Pittsburgh, PA, and Mike was known for his ability to fix -- or build -- just about anything. He was technical engineer at Allegheny Airlines when he passed away at age 57.

And so, one year before Christmas, he got some wood, some coat hangers, and with his imagination and skill, he crafted the sleigh, which now has a place of honor on our fireplace mantle.

This video is the story of that sleigh as told by Jackie, and includes a brief tour of some of Jackie's collection of Christmas memorabilia, of which she is so proud.

We are happy to share this with you, and wish you all the blessings of joy this holiday season.

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