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The Superlative Leader

Whenever Trump speaks, it’s always in superlatives. He constantly claims to be “the best”, “done more than anyone” or “the greatest”. While these boasts are fine for sports figures, they cannot be substantiated by facts when talking about Trump. And it is this delusion that is destroying the country.

There is something inherently dangerous when someone is unwilling to recognize their flaws. When someone has such an air of superiority that they will deny the facts. It is a frightening quality that is seen in dictators and despots. A refusal to accept facts and constantly declare you are the best at everything is certainly a sign of mental aberration.

Yet, Trump continues to do so, on a daily basis, constantly pushing the false narrative that he has done more than any of his predecessors (he hasn’t), claiming to have the greatest economy ever (it isn’t), the largest crowds ever (they aren’t) or doing more for…whatever.

A recent example of this was during this week's Sunday news shows. On the Chris Wallace interview, Trump falsely claimed the United States had the lowest coronavirus mortality rate of any country. He even had Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany ready with charts to prove the point. Wallace pointed out that several countries were missing from the chart, which only proves that Trump and his staff will go to any lengths to support falsehoods just to keep Trump happy.

He also continued his false boast that the U.S. is doing more testing than anyone, when it has been shown that this is blatantly untrue. This doesn’t stop Trump from repeating this claim every chance he gets.

Keeping Trump in a bubble by shielding him from the facts is something his staff has admitted in an effort to avoid a verbal tirade. This allows Trump to believe he is “doing the best” of anyone, because no one will tell him otherwise.

Living in his bubble, Trump also rejected the latest Fox News poll as “fake” because it shows him trailing former Vice President Joe Biden. Trump often distances himself from Fox, along with any other poll, when they report numbers that are unfavorable. Again, this permits him to keep claiming his “I’m the best” mantra since facts mean nothing to him. In denying the poll’s results, Trump again resorted to his use of superlatives, calling the poll “among the worst”.

From the largest inaugural crowd to the claim that America has done more testing than all other countries combined, and all the claims in between, Trump has never been at a loss for a superlative to describe his efforts. By continuing these claims, he is keeping his base happy.

This would be fine if he was the leader of his base alone, but the rest of America is affected by and is suffering from his rhetoric…in what was once the greatest country of all.

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