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The Supreme Court & White Privilege

Above is a quickie preview of Lean to the Left podcast interview with Dr. Tracy Pearson, a regular Court TV guest whose website includes the line, “She makes sense out of the noise.”

In this clip, Dr. Pearson blasts politicians in red states for skewing election laws to disadvantage minorities and others unlikely to support them, as well as Sen. Ted Cruz for complaining that President Biden's plan to nominate a Black woman to the Supreme Court amounts to racism against White men.

You can listen to the complete podcast here:

Dr. Pearson’s passion is helping others understand what they didn’t understand before, and then change their perspective.

She has two doctorates, one in education and the other in law. She’s an expert in a lot of things, including investigations and assessment of investigations – including workplaces. In fact, she recently conducted a study on implicit/unconscious bias in workplace investigations. On the podcast, she discusses that study and some remarkable findings that demonstrate pro-company bias by those charged with investigating workplace complaints.

On the show, we discuss a wide range of issues that all fall under the heading of justice, whether it’s social justice or legal justice.

We talk about California Gov. Gavin Newsome’s refusal to grant parole to former Manson family member Leslie Van Houten, about the murder verdicts in the racially charged Rittenhouse and Ahmaud Arbery cases, as well as Republican efforts to stymie voting, the promised nomination by President Biden of a Black woman to the U.S. Supreme Court, and much more.

Take a listen.

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