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The Texas Taliban

Imagine living in a place where religious fanatics make the rules. Imagine a place where women’s rights are suppressed and they are told what they can do with their bodies. Add to that a government that says it represents the people, but suppresses the votes of those who disagree with them, while a fanatical former leader threatens anyone who disagrees with him.



North Korea?

Try again.

The Islamic rulers of Iran, ISIS or Al Qaeda?

Not even close.

It’s the Republicans in Texas, AKA the Texas Taliban.

Listen to the article:

Consider the similarities. Like the Taliban, Texas Republicans are demanding women conform to a certain set of rules, similar to Sharia law. They are even offering a “bounty” on those who violate these rules. Women are treated as second class citizens who do not have equal protection under the law. Instead, they are being forced to live under a different set of rules based solely on their sex.

When Texas adopted its abortion law, it effectively outlawed Roe v. Wade, the landmark Supreme Court decision that gave women the right to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. These so-called “Right to Life” advocates also lead the nation in executions. Texans are also very strong proponents of Second Amendment rights.

So, these alleged protectors of the unborn seem to stop when it comes to protecting the lives of the living. Instead they have a “shoot now, ask questions later” approach to gun rights, and a barbaric “eye for an eye” set of beliefs when it comes to meting out justice. Not surprisingly, a person of color is more likely to receive the death penalty than a White person found guilty of the same crime.

Texas is situated on the Southern border. With this prime location, it should be paramount that they would want to have a good relationship with Mexico. Instead, Texans demonize immigrants, both legal and illegal, while seeking to elevate themselves as superior, both economically and intellectually. This is in opposition to their supposed “Christian values” of love thy neighbor.

Republicans also have been strong proponents of states rights, yet following the 2020 election, they sought to throw out the votes of those in states where Donald Trump lost. When this effort failed, they sought to craft laws to suppress the votes they surmise will be for the opposition.

Texans view themselves as fiercely independent. As part of this independence, they have cut themselves off from the national power grid. This resulted in several Texans dying during a February cold snap, when their grid collapsed under the demand for electricity to heat and light homes. It almost led to another collapse when an early summer heat wave had Texans sweltering while they were being told to not use air conditioning that is vital to their hot Texas climate.

In a shocking reversal, Texas sought federal assistance as it recovered from the deep freeze, yet when it comes to even the hint of mask mandates or vaccines, the reaction of Republicans in Texas is to tell the federal government “Don’t Mess with Texas”.

Given Texans proclivity for going it alone, some have suggested that Texas secede. In fact, Texas Republican Party chair Allen West went as far as to endorse purposed legislation that would have Texas do just that.

It would certainly solve a lot of problems. They could have their own backwards country where religious groups rule, guns are displayed openly on the streets, and anyone who opposes them is immediately and violently persecuted. They could establish rules for women, control who voted and where and even clamp down on the borders, both in the south and north, where undoubtedly Texans would be fleeing to enjoy the advantages of an American lifestyle.

Sounds a lot like…

The Taliban?

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