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The Trump Coronavirus Song

Ben Spoden, a lyricist and musician from Wisconsin, has produced a cool song that's right on target, aptly named The Coronavirus Song, and he joins us on today's NFN Radio News podcast.

Ben discusses what inspired him to do write and create the song, and what it's been like dealing with the pandemic for himself and his young family. He's an interesting guy, and I think you'll enjoy the discussion.

The podcast also features two plays of the song. Here are the lyrics:

What is all of this?

The world is getting sick

Without any clue of how things will turn out

The president is shit

The jobs fell off a cliff

and I worry if my granny’s gonna die

No ones in control

We all want to know

Will the corona virus bury me?

Is this political conspiracy?

If I get sick will you take care of me?

The stimulus has passed

But I can’t wipe my ass

Cause the doomsday morons bought up all the rolls

So now we sit and sit And wait a little bit

But I don’t believe we can wait for very long

We will be too bored

We will be too poor

We can’t sit around forever


Meanwhile, I want to remind you about Hijacked Nation, Donald Trump’s Attack on America’s Greatness, our new book from Not Fake News. You can find it for under 10 bucks on Kindle and in paperback on, where it’s published in two volumes.

It’s a terrific book, with commentary on key developments over the past three years and demonstrating how this president has, indeed, hijacked our nation. Check it out here.

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Now, have a listen to our interview with Ben Spoden and his Coronavirus Song.

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