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The United States of Trump

Many people supported Donald Trump because they believed he would run the country like a corporation. They ignored his multiple bankruptcies and the numerous lawsuits against his many organizations.

Seems people got exactly what they wanted. With his multiple golf outings, flexible working hours and random firings, he acts just like a corporate CEO as he attempts to govern the “United States of Trump.”

Rather than treating the opposition party as something to be negotiated with, he treats them like a competitor, seeking to outdo anything they propose while thwarting any attempts at change.

Many CEOs are known for their angry outbursts at employees as a way of getting them to live up to expectations. If reports are correct, Trump has been using this tactic to such an extent, aides are reluctant to bring up certain issues for fear of being on the receiving end of one of his tirades. Given his position, this has caused issues of national importance to be ignored, potentially putting American lives at risk.

Trump has used this tactic to his tremendous advantage to keep Republicans in line. Weaponizing Twitter like no other, Trump has used the threat of an angry tweet to prevent any opposition from arising. Republicans in Congress fear that could result in his base withdrawing support, jeopardizing their position.

In the past, Trump used his charity for personal use. This continued into Trump’s time in office as the Trump Organization is currently the subject of a lawsuit for using his inaugural committee to overcharge the government for dignitaries who stayed at Trump’s Washington, DC hotel. He is also bilking the taxpayers for his stays at his golf courses, costing over $340 million to date, which is being funneled back to his personal business.

So much has changed in this once great country. Black Lives Matter is a radical left-wing conspiracy while white supremacists are“very fine people”. Wearing a mask to protect others while greeting world leaders would make Trump “look ridiculous”, but hawking beans from the same desk for a sycophantic CEO is a-ok!

And while millions of Americans suffer and die from the coronavirus, Trump is searching for a scapegoat. Choosing esteemed medical expert Dr. Anthony Fauci as his target proved to be a bust, as Trump sent out his lackey, economist Peter Navarro, to to write an Op Ed criticizing Fauci’s handling of the pandemic. The White House quickly disavowed this piece when it was obvious the attack was woefully misguided.

While millions yearn for leadership, Trump holds a campaign rally from the White House Rose Garden as his approval ratings tank and his re-election bid flounders.

There are so many things wrong with the United States of Trump. Sadly, we may never recover from the damage he has caused. Voting him out of office on November 3rd will be a good start.

Editor's Note: You might be interested in our new book, Hijacked Nation, Donald Trump's Attack on America's Greatness, now available on Amazon's Kindle.

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2 comentarios

Jackie Cristiano
Jackie Cristiano
18 jul 2020

I hope every one reads this and shows up at the polls on Election Day to get rid of this thing in our White Housw!

Me gusta

I have been feeling frightened by the crazy things he says i.e. if we reduce testing we will have fewer covid cases. Just how crazy is that? A friend who is a virologist said not only will it not reduce cases, it will increase them. I guess we should all just eat Goya black beans!

Me gusta
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