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Those Wacky Republicans

The Dixie Dems are back…we began this series last month and because of the great response, we decided to keep it going. So my pals, Robert Thompson from Georgia and Arthur Hill from North Carolina, are with me to talk about politics in the land of Dixie.

This episode of the Lean to the Left podcast includes updates on politics in South Carolina, Georgia, and North Carolina, and a lengthy discussion about whether Democratic voters in South Carolina should vote in the Republican primary in an effort to skew the election in favor of Rep. Tom Rice (R), who voted to impeach Donald Trump. Rice is being challenged by Trump-backing candidates, including Russell Fry, whom Trump endorsed.

Then, there's talk about such lowlifes as Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), who says Bill Gates wants people to eat hamburgers made in a "peach tree dish," with video of Greene making this highly intelligent remark. We cover other GOP controversies, too, such as the report in Iowa that some elementary schools are putting kitty litter pans in bathrooms for children who are confused about their identity.

Because of the recent mass shootings, we discuss gun issues, what types of legislation might be needed, and the influence of the gun lobby on the likelihood that anything of significance will ultimately pass.

There's plenty of silliness along the way, so if you like politics and you enjoy silly banter, this episode is for you.

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