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Tic Tacs, Orange Makeup and Illegal Workers

Bronx Colors Waterproof Foundation
Trump has said his orange glow is a result of "good genes." Not.

For years Donald Trump has employed dozens of undocumented workers at his resorts and golf clubs, and now because some are fed up, we know about his passion for Tic Tacs and rust-colored face makeup from Switzerland -- and a lot more.

The Washington Post reported today that interviews with 48 people who had worked illegally for the Trump Organization at 11 U.S. properties revealed the fear they experienced when their rich boss ran for President on the promise to "to keep out the upward-striving immigrant workers who crumbed his table and scoured his toilets."

Wrote the authors, Joshua Partlow and David A. Fahrenthold:

Trump’s undocumented workers were forced to smile at the stomach-churning comments from wealthy members once he became president. “You’re still here? How come we can’t get rid of you? I’m going to call Trump, you [expletive] Mexican,” Gabriel Juarez, who had been head waiter for a decade at one of Trump’s New York golf clubs, said a member told him jokingly.

One of those who spoke to The Post was Sandra Diaz, Trump's personal housekeeper at the National Golf Club Bedminster before he became president. She was an illegal immigrant from Costa Rica with a fake Social Security card she bought for $50, something that was commonplace among other illegals employed at Trump's properties.

Moving quickly through the two-story house in the mornings, Diaz carried out Trump’s fastidious instructions. In his closet, she would hang six sets of identical golf outfits: six white polo shirts, six pairs of beige pants, six neatly ironed pairs of boxer shorts. She would smear a dollop of Trump’s liquid face makeup on the back of her hand to make sure it hadn’t dried out.

The article added:

Trump and his family spent so much time at their properties — and still do — that many Trump Organization employees have stories about encounters with them. But the undocumented workers were often left to perform the most intimate and personal work. Those who cooked and served Trump knew that he liked his cheeseburgers well-done and his Diet Coke in small glass bottles with a plastic straw that no one could be seen touching.

Trump loved Tic Tacs. But not an arbitrary amount. He wanted, in his bedroom bureau at all times, two full containers of white Tic Tacs and one container that was half full. The same rule applied to the Bronx Colors-brand face makeup from Switzerland that Trump slathered on — two full containers, one half full — even if it meant the housekeepers had to regularly bring new shirts from the pro shop because of the rust-colored stains on the collars. A special washing machine in the laundry room was reserved for his wife Melania Trump’s clothing.

Donald Trump liked Irish Spring bar soap in his shower. But his housekeepers quickly learned not to throw out his soap even if it had worn down to the tiniest sliver: Trump decided when he wanted something discarded. When that happened, with clothes or newspapers, he would toss them on the floor.

The article is a fascinating story of Trump's obnoxious and boorish behavior in private and as an employer. It further emphasizes the hypocrisy of him profiting on the backs of these workers while belittling and threatening them, and doing everything possible as president to use them as red meat for his immigrant-hating political base.

Most likely, you'll need an online subscription to The Post to be able to read the entire article. But if you do, and you still think Trump is the greatest president ever who was sent by God-on-high to save our nation, there is no hope.

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Jackie Cristiano
Jackie Cristiano
Dec 08, 2019

I am so proud to say I did not help to put this in our White House! I had more sense that that , it's called common sense, and it seems to be so UNCOMMON IN TODAYS world! Seems like the more education people get the less common sense they have, that sad.


Thanks because it is a LOT to keep up with!


Bob Gatty
Bob Gatty
Dec 07, 2019

Just my effort to keep you up to date, Deb!


I knew about the undocumented workers-even years ago I read that they worked building the hotels-what a hypocrite!!! The orange make up and Tic Tacs are new information-at least to me. A bizarre being!

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