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Time to Put the Pieces Together

As the American people voted in this contested presidential election, half of us rejected the politics of fear and hatred practiced by Donald J. Trump while the other half apparently embraced them, leaving our nation badly divided just as Trump has intended.

Some of us, in voting for Joe Biden, welcomed the promise of stability, of a realistic approach to gain control of the coronavirus pandemic, of fairness, of kindness, and the hope that our nation would be set on a course that holds the promise of increased unity.

But others believed Trump's exaggerations, lies, and threats and supported the president, sending the election results in question, even as Trump prematurely declared victory and said the counting of legal mailed-in votes should cease. It was a desperate act that demonstrated Trump's disdain for the Constitution and its protections of our right to vote.

As the filmmaker, author and liberal activist Michael Moore wrote today, "The places he demanded the counting to be stopped are the places... wait for it!... they are the places with majority Black voters! Just like a thug bigoted strongman leader would do in a non-democracy. He then declared that he would immediately go to his Supreme Court. The one he packed. Will this bastard Court do his bidding? Will we stand for it?"

Under Donald Trump, it took just four years for the United States of America to lose its luster, for the brilliant shine of a nation envied around the world to be tarnished by the actions of a president thirsting for power and adulation and motivated by hatred and pure, unadulterated greed.

Over those four years, the nation that once had been a beacon of hope for those seeking to achieve a better life and better future for themselves and their children became obsessed with exclusion, determined to wall itself off in a desperate gasp of protectionism.

The nation that had just experienced eight hopeful years of increasing prosperity under its first Black president became riven with racism as White nationalism was given credence and support by the president of the United States.

Gains that had been made to improve conditions for all Americans, including health care, were attacked. That happened as America was stricken with the pandemic that has changed the course of our lives, perhaps for many years, even as Trump ridiculed the advice of our scientists and medical experts to wear masks, socially distance, and take other precautions to avoid contamination.

Yet, roughly half of the millions of Americans who voted still supported this man. As Ivy (Sunshine) commented on Twitter this morning, "Biden is still ahead but my God look what we learned about our fellow Americans. I haven't slept. My heart its heavy that there are so many of you out there. I'll be OK, but will you?"

And Don Winslow tweeted, "Take a minute to stop and realize 65 million people knew everything we know about Donald Trump and voted for him anyway. We got big problems in this country."

And Postcard Kay wrote, "Sitting here thinking about how many of my family and so called friends voted to take away my social security, healthcare and our public lands, along with all the other crap. I just walked away from half the people in my life."

But there was this word of hope from John Pavlovitz on Twitter:

"I wish the nation had more universally rejected Trump, but Biden taking the presidency would be massive. If Trump goes, Trumpism and MAGA will die quickly. Cults usually don't transfer to other cult leaders. The racism and bigotry will still be there, but their messiah won't."

And finally, from Joe Biden, as he encouraged voters to vote before the polls closed last night:

"This is our moment to prove that:

"Love is more powerful than hate.

"Hope is more powerful than fear.

"Light is more powerful than dark."

Regardless of who finally is declared the winner, it is time for a reconciliation in our country. It is time for us to put the pieces together as we confront the many challenges that lie ahead. It is time to trade fear, hate, and darkness for that love, hope and light that Joe Biden espouses.

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