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Time to Reclaim Our Democracy

Bill Kuhn
Bill Kuhn on The Lean to the Left Podcast.

"If Republicans gain control of the House and the Senate, God help us."

Those are the words of Democratic activist and political author Bill Kuhn on The Lean to the Left Podcast, where he warns that today's Republican Party is a clear and present danger to America.

Kuhn is author of a new book, "Facts & Fury…An Unapologetic Primer on How the GOP has Destroyed American Democracy," and co-founder of Fight for a Better America, an organization that invests in key battleground districts and states throughout the US, with the goal of either flipping them blue or maintaining Democratic incumbents.

Through his travels with the organization, Bill has made hundreds of contacts with folks in local civic and Democratic clubs throughout the country―primarily in California, Pennsylvania, New York, Florida, and New Jersey―and organized hundreds of volunteers on the ground. He’s had thousands of conversations with voters and prospective volunteers about the issues that affect them most.

Although conflicts over the role of government have always existed, the level of partisanship and division that we know today is staggering, Kuhn says, adding that for the nation to heal voters must understand the Republican Party’s role in the country’s growing division.

Here are some of Kuhn's comments in the episode:

  • Right-wing Republicans "think like fascists...they have the same mentality and left up to their own devices they would take away more and more rights and leave people to fend for themselves while enriching them and their radical rich financial sponsors."

  • Republicans are not "pro-life." They are "pro-birth" and about "controlling women's bodies." "Whoever coined the term "pro-life" should get a marketing award."

  • The religious right infiltrated the Republican Party years ago. "The nut jobs got a hold of the party and (Supreme Court Justice) Clarence Thomas is part of that. The Republican Party has been completely coopted by these people."

  • Republicans deliberately wanted to "make politics so toxic that incompetent people will run for office and, therefore, Washington stays incompetent and locked in gridlock. This benefits the party that wants to see Washington handicapped, and that's the Republicans."

  • Most voters will base their decision at the polls on the economy and inflation, not abortion, the Supreme Court, or even the revelations of the January 6 investigating committee. Biden gets the blame, even though it is private enterprise that controls prices.

  • Will Trump go to jail? "I have very little confidence that he'll go to jail."

  • If Trump is not the nominee, it will likely be Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. Vice President Pence is "too tied to Trump" and he's "not exciting."

Listen to the episode:

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What can I do?

Bob Gatty
Bob Gatty
Jul 22, 2022
Replying to

More people should follow your example.

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