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To Defend the Constitution

When members of Congress are sworn in, they swear an oath much like the presidential oath of office, to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign or domestic”. Nowhere in that oath does it say they are to give their loyalty to the president or swear an allegiance to a single political party.

Yet, here we are.

That Donald Trump ignored his oath is obvious. On his first day he stood in front of the memorial that honored fallen CIA officials and bragged about himself instead of honoring those enshrined on the wall behind him. From that day forward he abandoned any illusion that he would live up to the words he swore to just the previous day.

One corrupt person is a danger. A large corrupt group it is a threat to Democracy.

By refusing to consider the evidence being presented during the impeachment inquiry, Republicans in Congress violate their oath of office; namely to serve as oversight to the Executive Branch in its defense of the Constitution. Their blatant efforts to obstruct the impeachment proceedings contradicts their sworn duty.

Instead, they have chosen to support someone who repeatedly ignores his own oath because they are afraid of being on the receiving end of an angry Trump tweet, which could jeopardize their precious political career.

When Republicans stormed a secure hearing room, they cared nothing about the oath they swore. Instead, they sought to prevent a witness from giving testimony that could be damaging to Donald Trump and his alleged attempt to involve Ukraine in seeking dirt on a potential opponent in the 2020 election. And this was all with Trump’s knowledge, and indeed his blessing, as he later tweeted that all Republicans who failed to support him were “human scum”.

Given the damming testimony of Ukrainian diplomat William Taylor, it’s not surprising that Trump would use whatever means necessary to prevent further information from being released. The sad part is that so many Congressional Republicans refuse to accept the evidence, thereby abandoning their sworn oath.

This should not be forgotten come Election Day.

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1 Comment

I was appalled when the hearing room was stormed! How much more obvious can it get that they are trying to prevent information from coming forth-insane-but I seem to be classifying too many things that are political as insane these days!

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