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Traumatic Brain Injuries & the Law

For many parents, watching their child head out to their school's football field, proudly wearing their uniforms with their names emblazoned on their back, is a proud moment. But for many, it also is filled with trepidation. What happens if he gets hurt? What happens if he suffers a concussion? How do I handle this?

Traumatic brain injuries, unfortunately, are a part of life -- whether they're suffered playing sports, from a fall, an automobile accident, or whatever. They happen, and they can have serious consequences.

In this episode, attorney/author Mark M. Bello and I interview Michael V. Kaplen, senior partner in the New York personal injury law firm, De Caro & Kaplen. His practice focuses on personal injury and medical malpractice with an emphasis on representing individuals who have sustained a traumatic or acquired brain injury and other catastrophic injuries.

The conversation covers the many ways brain injuries can occur, what parents might consider when confronted with allowing a child to play sports, what some of the legal ramifications are when an injury occurs, and efforts by some special interest groups to limit an individual's right to achieve proper redress through litigation.

Take a listen to "Traumatic Brain Injuries and the Law" on the NFN Radio News podcast.

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