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Trump, 'Crummy' GOP Candidates, & the Election

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

Many political pundits today predict that Democrats face a serious blood bath in the November Congressional elections, and that the party will be on the ropes for the foreseeable future. But nationally recognized political analyst Michael P. McDonald doesn't see it that way.

Interviewed on the Lean to the Left podcast, McDonald suggests that because of several "crummy" Trump-endorsed candidates, Democrats could actually add at least two seats to their existing razor thin majority and be in a position to overturn the filibuster on specific legislation, such as voting rights reform.

In fact, McDonald points to a recent poll showing that Democrat Rep. Val Demings currently leads Republican Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida as an example of one senate seat that could be flipped. As for retired football star Hershel Walker's bid in Georgia to unseat Sen. Raphael Warnock (D), McDonald describes Walker as "a really bad candidate who obviously has been knocked in the head quite a few times."

McDonald says former President Donald Trump is "so wedded to the Big Lie" and GOP candidates "giving him fealty" to gain his support, that it is damaging the Republican Party to the point that its opportunity to win control of the Senate is in serious danger and that taking over the House of Representatives is less certain than it was just a few months ago.

If Republicans do take over the House, however, opportunities for Democrats to enact meaningful legislation will be gone and the nation will be treated to more politically-inspired investigations, which will do nothing but worsen the political polarization that exists in America today.

However, McDonald says there is an obvious way for that to be cured: for Trump to acknowledge that he lost the election and for Republicans, who have been spreading lies about voter fraud for years, to admit that elections in the U.S. today are secure and well run.

Professor of political science at the University of Florida and a leading resource on American elections, McDonald is author of the new book, “From Pandemic to Insurrection: Voting in the 2020 US Presidential Election.”

In his book, Michael tells the story of voting in the 2020 election in context with the Covid 19 pandemic, the Big Lie, the January 6 hearings, and more. It takes a look at new voting laws that have emerged since the election, several designed to benefit Republicans while making it harder for many people to vote. It is a thorough, well-researched analysis that includes over 800 footnoted references that are clickable in the digital version. The book is due to be published September 5.

McDonald's website,, disseminates election statistics and is widely used as an authoritative source by media, scholars, and others. He also participates on the decision desk that calls elections after the polls close.

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