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Trump: Despicable You

DonaldTrump, you are despicable. How dare you say George Floyd, whose killing by a white police officer has left a six year-old girl fatherless, is having a "great day" in the hereafter because the unemployment rate announced Friday was "only" 13.3 percent?

And, if you bothered to look, the unemployment rate among blacks is 16.8 percent, the highest in a decade.

How dare you presume to believe that Floyd, the victim of brutal knee-to-the-neck asphyxiation by a white police officer now charged with murder, "is looking down right now and saying, ‘There’s a great thing that’s happening for our country?’”

Are you crazy?

George Floyd is dead and he should not be dead. And his little girl should still have her daddy.

But Floyd's death may have finally awakened white America to understand that things are not OK for our black brothers and sisters. I hope so. He was just the latest black person to be killed simply because of the color of his skin.

The police murder of this young black father has prompted demonstrations worldwide and perhaps even a serious reexamination of policing in our country. That is good. But we need to go further, every one of us, and closely examine our own views and actions regarding race; the way we act, the way we think. The way we look out for our fellow human beings -- or not.

That is the big picture. But right now, we have this despicable president in the White House.

So, I say again to Trump, what gives you the right to say everything is fine? It is not.

How is it fine that your egomaniacal Bible toting photo op resulted in peaceful demonstrators -- American citizens -- being teargassed and shot with rubber bullets so you could have a nice safe stroll to St. John's Episcopal Church for your photo op?

How is it fine that our nation, since your presidency began, has been ripped apart by your vicious and deliberate acts of racism and sexism? How is that fine?

How is it fine that black Americans, especially black men, must fear for their lives every time they see the flashing light from a police vehicle signaling them to pull over? Or that they are automatically a criminal suspect? How is that fine?

The gall of you to tout those unemployment numbers and brag about the recovering stock market and say that's a "tremendous tribute to equality." You don't know the first thing about equality, nor do you care.

And then, you bragged in your favorite third person when patting yourself on the back, “Nobody’s ever done for the black community what President Trump has done.”

What a crock. How disgusting. How despicable.

And, oh, by the way, those unemployment numbers that you bragged about? They weren't even real. A major error resulted in the rate being listed at 13.3 percent, when it should have been three points higher.

So, stop your bragging. Stop presuming to speak for the dead, especially someone whose death your own racist actions may well have encouraged.

Just shut up, despicable you.

November 3.

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1 Comment

When I heard those crazy comments he made and then what he did to walk across the street to the church I had a bizarre reaction of a combination of laughter and then intense sadness. Hard to believe this is the leader of our country presently. Difficult to believe that these things are actually happening. I also feel angry.

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