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Trump Rallies and Herd Immunity

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

“There’s nothing like a Trump rally!” That’s the cry he’s made several times to describe the rock show style of these highly orchestrated events.

With its lack of masks and no social distancing, these gatherings have become a breeding ground for the novel coronavirus. The more people, the greater the likelihood of spreading the infection.

But, is there a method behind this madness? Are these potential super-spreader events an effort to create the herd immunity Trump and Dr. Scott Atlas are espousing as a “cure”? If so, the result could be a death toll in the millions. Nevertheless, Trump continues to hold mass rallies in the run-up to Election Day.

To achieve herd immunity, 70 percent of the population would have to be infected with coronavirus. With each of his rallies, Trump is increasing the number of infections and increasing the numbers needed to achieve herd immunity. This may be why he makes the constant false claim that “We are rounding the corner” in the battle against coronavirus.

With each new infection, Trump is permitting herd immunity to grow. With each fist bump and virus spewing rant he is trying to make his claim of herd immunity a reality, no matter who it hurts.

Trump isn’t the only one spreading disinformation.

In a recent interview, Don Jr. claimed deaths from coronavirus were “almost nothing”, as an average of one thousand people perish daily from this virus. Trump’s own vice president continues to campaign despite several people in his orbit testing positive for COVID in direct contradiction to CDC guidelines that he quarantine for 14 days. Pence claimed that his holding campaign rallies constituted being “an essential worker”.

Causing the virus to spread could have a dual purpose.

With many in the Trump camp steeling themselves for a loss, they are also creating a huge issue for an incoming Biden administration. The current rise in coronavirus cases will pose a tremendous challenge to any administration, particularly one trying to get its footing.

Trump may be deliberately sabotaging Biden in hopes of regaining a Republican majority during the next round, which he hopes would include his choice for our first female president, namely his daughter, Ivanka.

With the campaign winding down, each side is seeking to gain an advantage in these final trying days. You have one side with a plan to combat the coronavirus and the other spreading disinformation as well as the virus itself in an effort to support its herd immunity claim.

The differences couldn’t be more clear.

November 3rd.

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