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Trump's Disloyal Fixer

Yet another former Trump ally is coming out with a tell-all book. This time, it’s Trump’s former attorney and fixer, Michael Cohen.

To anyone following Trump, many of the “bombshells” should come as no surprise. He describes Trump as a racist (really?), says Trump lies constantly (Shocker!), and Trump has an obsessive hatred of President Obama ( No!). Despite this lack of surprises, the book is already on the best-seller list largely due to the repeated denials from the White House about the authenticity of the details.

There have been many books written about the disfunction that is the Trump White House. Cohen’s book promises more of the same, but his long, and presumably intimate knowledge of the inner sanctum that is Trump World has people hoping for salacious details about Trump’s affairs, both business and personal.

Cohen does give specific examples of Trump’s racism, his admiration for Vladimir Putin and Trump’s manipulation of the media to boost his popularity and financial profile, but there is relatively little that isn’t already known. Cohen describes being a part of Trump’s inner circle as being involved with “a racist cult”.

In a recent interview with NBC’s Lester Holt, Cohen offered one bombshell comment. When Holt pressed him for details about his current relationship with Trump, Cohen said they haven’t spoken since 2018. Holt pressed on and asked what advice Cohen would give to Trump should they speak again. Cohen’s response was the shocking part.

Cohen responded that Trump should resign so Mike Pence could pardon him. Can you imagine anything more vile?! For Trump to walk away scot-free would be the ultimate injustice! If that were to happen, there should be an uprising the likes of which this country has never seen!

It would seem Cohen is still Trump’s fixer. His mindset is such that, even after the multiple barbs Trump has thrown at him, Cohen still wants to please his former master. Instead of demanding justice be served, Cohen suggests a way for Trump to once again evade responsibility for his despicable actions.

Perhaps Disloyal is an inappropriate title for Cohen’s book? Considering his ultimate aim is still to defend Trump, he is being far from “disloyal”.

Editor's Note: If you're in the mood for a great book providing a play-by-play of this tragic presidency, check out our book, "Hijacked Nation-Donald Trump's Attack on America's Greatness".

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