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Trump's Very Bad, Horrible, Terrible Day

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

In the history of Donald Trump’s time in office, there will not be many days like yesterday. He must have felt like a whack-a-mole mole.

With the impeachment inquiry going full on, his personal attorney having associates arrested, bipartisan condemnation over his treatment of Kurdish allies, and his former fixer being questioned over financial irregularities, you would think things couldn’t get any worse.

But, on Friday, they did.

He faced a hat trick of defeats in a trio of court cases. This is unique, even in the annuals of the horrible week he has been having. In three separate court cases, judges ruled against Trump each time, bringing him to his knees in a true act of contrition.

I’m just kidding.

Instead, he tried his best to create a distraction by announcing a nebulous trade deal with China; or at least that’s what he hoped you would believe. Instead, it appears that he has a deal to discuss having a discussion about a possible deal. In other words, a big, fat nothing burger aimed at distracting from the news of the day.

Predictably, the press teased at the possibility of a trade deal, but when the true nature of the distraction became evident, the news switched back to the actual news.

And it wasn’t as if his week was going along so well to begin with. Just the other day he announced a unilateral pull-out of American troops from Syria.

This was met with anger from even his staunchest allies. Trump didn’t make things any better when he tried to defend his decision by stating the Kurds didn’t help at Normandy, despite the fact they weren’t capable at the time.

Then there was the Ukrainian issue, where Trump faced bad news on two fronts. First, there was the arrest of two of his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani’s associates for various campaign finance violations. The two were also connected to Giuliani’s attempt to dig up dirt on Joe Biden.

In an attempt to buoy Trump’s spirits, his aides scheduled a campaign rally. At this event, Trump spoke for a record 101 minutes, during which he railed at Biden, Representative Ilhan Omar (D-Mn), Somali refugees, Democrats and the impeachment inquiry.

It Got Worse

Yet, when he returned to Washington, things only got worse.

First, there was the Congressional testimony of his former Ukrainian Ambassador, Maria Yavanovitch, who stated that she was the victim of a smear campaign by Rudy Giuliani, but approved by Trump. Like other participants in the impeachment inquiry, she was told not to appear before Congress. Instead, she abided by the subpoena, and testified behind close doors for several hours.

And the worst part of Trump’s day had yet to come. Three different judges handed down decisions that were both personal and political defeats.

First, there was the appeal to keep his tax returns secret. In a case that involved Trump’s payoffs to two women to silence them about alleged affairs, the Southern District of New York sought these returns as evidence of the pay outs. Having lost earlier in the week, Trump’s lawyers were granted an appeal. This too was denied.

The second loss came at the expense of his much ballyhooed border wall. In this case a federal judge from Texas ruled that when Trump declared a national emergency in order to get funding for his wall, he acted illegally because Congress had already denied him the funding he demanded.

The third blow came when three separate federal judges rejected Trump’s plan to deny green cards to those who were receiving government benefits. They declared that Trump had exceeded his authority by attempting to limit who should be labeled a public charge.

U. S. District Judge George Daniels stated in his decision “The rule is simply a new agency policy of exclusion in search of a justification”.

With the impeachment inquiry continuing, Trump will surely have many more days like this one, but for now, it will go down as a very bad, horrible terrible day for this pretend president.

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Jackie Cristiano
Jackie Cristiano
Oct 15, 2019

Well it warms my heart that he isn’t

getting his demands met! It is about time he realizes this is NOT his country and he is not the king! You will be gone soon, Thank God!


It is about time he faced the music on some level-maybe he will resign. Something needs to stop the meshugaas !

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