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Turning Tragedy into Action: The Inspiring Journey of Lori Alhadeff

The Inspiring Journey of Lori Alhadeff

In the wake of the devastating school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, on Valentine's Day in 2018, one mother's world was shattered.

Lori Alhadeff lost her vibrant 14-year-old daughter, Alyssa, in the tragic event. However, instead of succumbing to grief, Lori decided to turn her pain into purpose by working tirelessly to make schools safer for all children.


An Unbreakable Spirit: Alyssa's Legacy

Alyssa Alhadeff was described as a bright, energetic, and compassionate soul who touched the lives of everyone around her. She excelled academically, was a source of joy to her friends and family, and had a passion for soccer. Alyssa's tragic passing left a void in Lori's life that could never be filled, but it also ignited a fire within her to ensure that no parent would have to endure the same heartbreak.


Make Our Schools Safe: A Beacon of Hope

In partnership with her husband, Lori founded "Make Our Schools Safe," a nonprofit organization dedicated to implementing crucial safety measures in schools across the nation.

The organization focuses on three pillars: advocating for Alyssa's Law, establishing Moss Clubs in schools, and funding school hardening projects. Alyssa's Law, named in honor of Lori's daughter, aims to equip schools with panic buttons that can swiftly alert law enforcement in case of emergencies.


Advocacy and Action: Making a Difference

Lori's advocacy extends beyond her nonprofit work. She ran for and won a seat on the school board in Broward County, Florida, where she continues to champion for enhanced safety measures in schools.

Through her unwavering determination and tireless efforts, Lori has managed to pass Alyssa's Law in multiple states and is working towards its national implementation through Alyssa's Act.


Engaging the Community: Mobilizing Support

Beyond legislative efforts, Lori and her organization engage the community through fundraising events like galas, golf tournaments, and soccer matches. These events not only raise funds, but also raise awareness about the importance of school safety.

By involving people of all ages and walks of life, Make Our Schools Safe creates a united front against school violence.


Empowering the Next Generation: MOSS Clubs

One of the standout initiatives of Make Our Schools Safe is the establishment of MOSS Clubs in high schools.

These student-led clubs empower young individuals to advocate for safety measures within their schools, fostering a culture of vigilance and unity. By giving students a platform to voice their concerns and take action, Moss Clubs are instrumental in creating safer learning environments.


A Call to Action: Get Involved

Lori's journey from grief to activism serves as a poignant reminder of the power of one individual's resolve to effect change.

Through her work with Make Our Schools Safe, Lori invites parents, educators, and community members to join the cause and become proactive in ensuring the safety of schools.

By staying informed, engaging with legislation, and supporting initiatives like Alyssa's Law, everyone can play a part in safeguarding our children's future.


A Legacy of Love and Resilience

As we reflect on Lori Alhadeff's courageous efforts to honor her daughter's memory, we are reminded of the profound impact that advocacy and community engagement can have on shaping a safer tomorrow.

Alyssa's legacy lives on through the dedication and passion of her mother, inspiring countless individuals to stand up for school safety. Let us heed Lori's call to action and work together towards a world where every child can learn and grow without fear.


The inspiring journey of Lori Alhadeff is a testament to the strength of the human spirit in the face of tragedy and the power of turning personal loss into collective action. Draw inspiration from her remarkable journey and strive to create a safer, more secure environment for our children in schools across the country.

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Her Daughter Was Killed in a School Shooting; Now, She's Working to Make Schools Safe
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