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We're Not in Kansas Anymore (Never Were)

The Kansas City Chiefs are Super Bowl champs for the first time in 50 years! Congratulations are certainly in order and to the people of their home state. Problem is, Donald Trump apparently doesn't know where that is.

Never at a loss for words for “important issues” Trump tweeted his congratulations to the team and “the Great State of Kansas”. Whoolps! The Chiefs are based in Kansas City, Missouri, not Kansas City, Kansas.

While this faux pas would be acceptable from many others, much like those who mistakenly identify New York City as the capital of New York, rather than Albany, where I grew up, it is troubling coming from the supposed leader of the country.

It would appear that geography isn't exactly a strength for this “stable genius”. Perhaps he’d do better pointing out Ukraine on a blank map.

Probably not.

With the impeachment trial and State of the Union probably weighing heavily on his mind, Trump might be forgiven for this slip of the tongue if he didn’t so readily pounce on so many others who have made verbal gaffes, like his perceived chief rival, former Vice President Joe Biden.

Maybe Trump was confused by the similarities between the characters of The Wizard of Oz in not knowing that the Chiefs are from Kansas City, Missouri?

After all, one could argue that his mistake resulted from his resemblance to the Scarecrow (no brain), Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s resemblance to the Tin Man (no heart), or even the Cowardly Lion (President Bone Spurs) as they lead Dorothy (Ivanka) and her little dog (Jared Kushner) through the treacherous land of impeachment haunted by the Wicked Witch (Nancy Pelosi D-CA) and her “flying monkeys” (House Managers).

It’s a stretch, but the similarities are there, and Dorothy WAS from Kansas, after all.

Of course, Trump was tweeting from the friendly confines of his Mar a Lago where he hosted a multitude-million dollar Super Bowl party for club members, at taxpayer expense. Remember how he repeatedly pledged that, if elected, he would have no time for golf?


Perhaps if we collectively click our heels and utter in unison “We want a real leader”, the country will magically return to sanity.

Let’s hope it happens on November 3rd.

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1 Comment

Bob Gatty
Bob Gatty
Feb 04, 2020

From Not Fake News subscriber Verlene DeWitt:

Amen!!  I love this article!

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