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What a 'Boring' Debate!

From Air Force One, President Trump said last night's debate among 10 Democratic presidential candidates was "boring." His sleazeball son, Eric, tweeted that he was bored, too, and sent out gif of a train wreck.

As Baltimore Sun columnist David Zurawik wrote this morning, "Maybe for the Trump family hearing people talk passionately about how we might become a better nation and keep immigrants from dying at the border or citizens from falling into crushing poverty even as they work multiple jobs is boring."

Guess it's just not interesting to talk about an immigrant dad and his two-year-old daughter drowning in the Rio Grande as they desperately fought to reach the shores of America. Julián Castro, former secretary of Housing and Urban Development under President Barack Obama, vehemently said that was heartbreaking "and should piss all of us off."

Maybe it's not entertaining to hear candidates talk about the dangers of gun violence in the inner city or of racist behavior by police, as did Sen. Corey Booker and New York City Mayor Bill deBlasio.

Wonder if Trump thinks deBlasio's father, who was wounded in body and mind in World War II, was a hero. Probably not because he ultimately committed suicide.

Perhaps debating whether America needs a better health care system is a sleeper, too. That case was made by numerous candidates led, chiefly, by Sen. Elizabeth Warren. Former Rep. John Delaney of Maryland cautioned that the "Medicare for All" plan promoted by Warren would cause hospitals across the country to go out of business. Nah, that's not interesting.

Warning of the dangers to the world of climate change most likely put Trump to sleep as he cruised high above the seas on Air Force One. Who worries about whether Miami Beach or the Florida Keys will soon end up under water, anyway? Certainly not the Trumps. That's all just a bunch of crap, no matter what the scientists say.

It was great when Castro said that on Inauguration Day in 2021 the nation would be saying "adios" to Trump.

It was also great that Trump was essentially ignored, except for a few cracks like Castro's. That must have pissed off the president who can't stand to be out of the spotlight.

And another highlight was provided by Sen. Amy Klobuchar, who while talking about Iran, cracked: “I don’t think we should conduct foreign policy in our bathrobe at 5 o’clock in the morning.”

Let's see if tonight's debate featuring former Vice President Joe Biden, Sen. Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris, and Mayor Pete Buttigieg, is just as boring. Hope so.

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