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What Do We Do Now?

What if you're a registered sex offender for acts you did many years ago and now, you're elderly and infirm? You've been in the hospital for more than two months with Covid, and your hospitalization has run out. The doctors want to discharge you, but you have no place to go.

What do you do?

Your family, what's left of it, can't help. With your record that still haunts you, what nursing care or long-term care facility will take you? What apartment complex will even let you rent there, especially considering your Covid status, to say nothing of your sex offender background?

Or, what if you have a family member with dementia and you are opposed to taking the Covid vaccination, and so that family members has not received it? But you need to place them in an appropriate facility, and shots are required?

What do you do?

That's where Timothy Poore and his company, ATP HealthCare in Florida, come in. Their job is to find places for people like this, to answer the question that so many ask at such a vulnerable time: What do we do now?

Poore’s firm works with hospitals to find placement options for hard-to-place patients. They're a last chance for many who otherwise would simply have no place to turn.

Timothy Poore is our guest on a special episode of our Lean to the Left podcast, now streaming. I thought it would be interesting to talk with him about some of the problems faced by many seniors, especially those suffering from dementia in this age of Covid. But I also wanted to speak with him about the challenges faced by elderly patients as the Delta variant spreads in an atmosphere of mixed signals (at best) regarding mitigation.

Timothy lives and works in a state where the governor practically turns school administrators into criminals for mandating masks for teachers and students, even as Covid cases – and deaths – skyrocket. He works in an atmosphere of persistent vaccination resistance, even among those people most in need of his help.

And he also works in an industry that cares for the elderly, and that means nursing homes. The Biden administration is ordering those facilities to require staff to be vaccinated, but there is resistance, and the industry says that will only make current staff shortages worse and end up harming patients.

We cover all that, and more, in this conversation with Timothy Poore.

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