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What's Happened to the GOP?

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Today's Republican politicians have transferred their allegiance from Abraham Lincoln to Donald Trump.

The Republican Party was once the “Party of Lincoln”. It has long been known as the party of fiscal responsibility. They were strong advocates of states’ rights over federal power. Their conservative values reflected the concept “That which governs best, governs least.” They were the party of “family values”, supporting the time-honored “marriage is between a man and a woman”.

So, what has happened to the Republican Party?

With burgeoning deficits and ballooning budgets, fiscal responsibility has been thrown out the window. Current projections have the deficit topping $1 trillion. With Republican control of all three branches of government for the first two years of this administration, and control of all but the House of Representatives for the past year, there is no way this can be laid at the feet of Democrats, yet they continue to be blamed.

While the Trump administration is rolling back environmental and fiscal protections implemented by the Obama administration, they aren’t claiming to champion states’ rights.

Instead, there are petty attacks on the safeguards established to address climate change and the Great Recession. There are envious attempts to erase the accomplishments of President Obama by an individual who is obsessively jealous of the strides made his predecessor, while his administration flounders to make even the smallest positive dent on history.

States’ rights? Today Republicans have caved to demands of total subservience to a president who values personal loyalty over what is best for the country. Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina is a perfect example with his transformation from outspoken critic and political opponent to BFF golf buddy, confidant, and chief apologist.

Meanwhile, the Trump administration wields its power, punishing those who oppose them, such as blocking California’s more stringent emission controls. As such, states are being asked to cede their authority to the federal government.

The party of family values? Its members now support a thrice married serial philanderer who routinely lies to the public to support his fake agenda of spiritual unity while spreading hatred and intolerance for anyone who does not agree with them. Where are the family values in this?

These politicians need to stop calling themselves Republicans. They are no longer the “Party of Lincoln”; they are now “The Party of Trump”. They are a party of lies, deceit and passing the buck.

Lincoln must be rolling over in his grave.

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The Party of Trump certainly sums it up! I cannot help but feel very uneasy! It is unimaginable that anyone could possibly support him now and the fact that he does have supporter is pretty scary to me.

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