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Why I'm with Joe

NFN writer Stacie Pearman backs former Vice President Joe Biden for President saying he's the best shot to defeat Donald Trump. Fifth of a series by NFN writers about their choices.

Sanders and Biden debate
Former Vice President Joe Biden (r) with Sen. Bernie Sanders on CBS Democratic presidential candidates debate

As a Democrat, replacing Donald Trump with another Democrat is my number one priority.

A huge number of my fellow Democrats agree with me. Most also agree that the African American voter is the most important Democratic voter in sending Trump packing. Without our African American friends, neighbors, coworkers and family, all of the policy hopes and dreams that we all have remain just hopes and dreams.

That is why I’m with Joe Biden.

As a native Delawarean, Joe Biden was my senator my entire life. We all knew Joe and his family and they knew us. Delaware is a small place; we have real relationships with our elected officials. I worked for Beau Biden as a single mom with a high school diploma and I was treated just like the partnering attorneys.  Joe knew me then and he knows me know.

He knows us, now.

My hopes and dreams lie in a much more progressive arena than Vice President Biden often resides in. Nevertheless, I can wait.

I can wait while we do what needs to be done to get Donald Trump the hell out of the White House. I know there will be a time for progressive revolution, but I chose to vote for democracy and against Trump this time around, because if we get four more years of Trump, none of it matters.

African American voters support Joe Biden in a big way. Joe can convince those Obama Trump voters in the rustbelt to come back home. Disgruntled and used farmers may be willing to bite at a Democratic option that isn’t too far outside of their more conservative comfort zone. Without these folks, Trump remains the cancer of democracy that he has proven to be.

The current, non-viable candidates that remain in the race are simply bleeding support from Joe Biden and even some from Bernie Sanders. They are facilitating the reelection of the impeached Donald Trump.

This will propel Bernie Sanders forward and the Obama Trump folks will hold their nose and push the button for 45. Older African American voters may just stay home. Farmers will stick it out with Trump.

We will ALL lose if that happens.

I was a strong Bernie supporter in 2016. I still love him. But it isn’t about me, it’s about democracy. It’s about removing the disease in Washington, D.C.

Joe knows us, Joe can pull in those on the fence, and I’m with Joe.

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