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Winning the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes

I have great news! We've just received a check from the Publishers Clearing House as part of its big sweepstakes contest.


No, the Prize Patrol didn't come to our door with TV cameras, roses, and a check for $50,000 "to get started."

But, we did get a check. That is, Jackie did, and man was she excited when she opened that envelope.

The tension was building. It was hard to look.

There was a letter inside. Here's what it said:

Did you notice the amount? Ten bucks.

Yep. After years of dutifully and faithfully returning the PCH mailings and forms, Jackie finally received a check. Fore $10.

In this episode of The Bob & Jackie Show, she describes her feelings about that and talks about what she would do if she really did win that @2500 a week for life.

One of the things she said she'd buy was some matching socks. Check it out.

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1 Comment

Hmmmm. I try every year to win but only end up subscribing to Yoga Journal. Never did receive even $10-so mazel tov, Jackie!

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