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What We're All About

Originally launched in early 2017 as Not Fake News, the Lean to the Left blog's initial mission was to call out Donald Trump for his lies, especially regarding the news media. That mission continues, even with Trump's ouster from the Presidency as he and his Republican sycophants threaten our democracy.


The blog site has evolved, both in content and our offerings, as we've broadened our commentary regarding important social issues by a great team of contributing writers. In addition, our Lean to the Left podcast presents twice-weekly interviews with fascinating, smart, and insightful guests. Some are newsmakers and experts in their field; others simply have interesting stories to tell. But all offer something from which we can learn.


Those audio podcasts also are streamed on YouTube, often in both audio and video formats. It takes a lot of work as there is no staff to help with this undertaking, except, of course, for our contributing writers. But the website postings and maintenance, the podcasts, and videos, all are created and produced by Lean to the Left founder and editor Bob Gatty. This is his passion now that he's "retired."


For many years, Bob worked as a writer, editor and communications consultant, focusing on government and politics. He began at The Pittsburgh Courier, an African American weekly, covering crime and the courts. His salary was $55 per week before moving on to two local Pennsylvania dailies. At age 24, he began reporting for United Press International covering state politics in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. 

Tempted by the allure of Washington, DC and big-time politics, at age 29 Bob became press secretary and chief of staff for two Congressmen -- Republican Edwin B. Forsythe, and then Democrat James J. Florio, who later became governor of New Jersey and until recently was a frequent podcast guest and co-host.

After seven years on Capitol Hill, Bob opened a communications business in Washington, first providing political media consulting to candidates and then Washington coverage for business and trade magazines, plus creative communications services for trade and professional associations.

Hijacked Nation

In August, 2020, Gatty and co-author Chris Waldron, Lean to the Left's most loyal and prolific contributor, published "Hijacked Nation-Donald Trump's Attack on America's Greatness," a diary of Trump's failed presidency and the tragic consequences for our nation. 

Blogs from Not Fake News organized chronologically and by issue create a virtual play-by-play of the key actions of the Trump administration and Congress. For more information, please click here, and visit Bob's Author's Page on Amazon, here.

The Lean to the Left Podcast

The Lean to the Left podcast  provides commentary and interviews with newsmakers and others with interesting stories to tell. Podcasts stream on major channels every Monday and Thursday. More info here.

Justice Counts Podcast

This podcast which streams every other Monday, features interviews and discussions regarding justice in every form -- legal, social, criminal, environmental, economic, you name it. It's co-hosted with author/attorney Mark M. Bello. More info here.

The Lean to the Left YouTube Channel

You'll find all of the audio tracks for the Lean to the Left Podcast here plus original videos, including complete video versions of the podcast.

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