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Bugs Bunny Changeup

Last night we were watching the Yankees - Indians American League Division Series baseball game and I heard the play-by-play guy say something about the "Bugs Bunny Changeup."

What? I had never heard that expression before, and I've been following baseball since I was 5, so that's 69 years of listening and watching baseball games. Hell, I even snuck a radio under my pillow at night to listen so my parents wouldn't catch me and make me turn it off to go to sleep.

But I digress.

The Bugs Bunny Changeup. What is that?

So I googled it, and sure enough it's a term that's been used for years to describe a wicked changeup thrown by certain crafty pitchers to get the hitter off balance and ruin his timing, thus resulting in a swing-and-miss strike or a weakly hit ball that's an easy out.

Cracked me up. So check out the video of Bugs using his changeup to strike out three big bruiser hitters all in a row. It's his third pitch in the series. It will crack you up.

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