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The Republican Party: Good Riddance?

Kurt Bardella

COMMENTARY BY GUEST BLOGGER JOAN SLOANE -- Kurt Bardella, who has worked as a staffer and spokesperson for Republicans from Capitol Hill to Breitbart News, has had enough. He’s had enough of Trump, of Moore, of the morally bankrupt party that has been his home for most of his adult life.

Now, he has announced, he’s becoming a Democrat “because at the end of the day, I believe its portrait of America is better than the one being painted by today’s Republican Party. And I want to be a part of it.”

Bardella’s op ed piece for USA Today, explaining his decision to leave the Republican Party, says it all.

While Trump's henchman Steve Bannon and Trump himself have performed “an unrelenting assault on the Constitution, the free press and freedom of expression...Republican ‘leaders’ do nothing. Ignoring legitimate issues about race relations in America, environmental policy, gun reform and equality to instead pander to a lunatic fringe that subscribes to an ideology of hate and fear,” Bardella wrote.

The Republicans have lied about an abominable tax “reform,” allowed administration corruptions to continue unchecked and unbridled, pandered to, and are willing participants in, Trump’s undermining of Mueller’s authentic investigation, and, thereby, have allowed themselves to become lying traitors to their constituents and to our country.

Witness now how the Republican Party as a whole supports Roy Moore in the name of greed and power.

“The GOP would rather elect a sexual predator who preys on teenagers than a prosecutor who happens to be a Democrat. That's it, I'm switching parties,” writes Bardella.

I can only think this action by Trump and the Republican National Committee will be the absolute death of a party steeped in honorable history. If this is truly the case, and its members are completely morally bankrupt, so be it.

Good riddance.

Joan Sloane, a resident of Myrtle Beach, SC, is a guest blogger on Not Fake News. She is a committed activist who is convinced that our country is in danger because of today's political leadership and that each of us has a responsibility to make our voices heard in whatever way we can.

Editor's Note: I would like to invite Not Fake News readers to submit articles for publication. I do reserve the right to accept or reject submissions and to edit for grammar and style. -- Bob Gatty

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