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'Poop Face' Trump Not Smart, Kids Tell ABC

In a hilarious bit the other night, the late night TV show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, interviewed a bunch of little kids and asked for their impressions of President Trump now that he's been in office for a year. "He has small fingers and an orange face," said one. "Poop face," said another.

"He treats people badly, and that’s why I don’t think he’s smart," said one kid.

Reminded that Trump has nicknames for people, such as "Crooked Hillary" and "Rocket Man," the kids were asked if they had a nickname for the President. Examples: “Poop Face,” “Cheetos” and “Mr. Tiny Hands.”

As reported in this Newswek article, a couple kids were complimentary of the former reality TV star who now occupies the White House.

Asked how the President was doing, one boy replied, "great." Asked why he thought that, the boy thought for a minute and said, "He saved the world." From what? came the question. "From harmony," he replied.

One young boy said Trump has “cool hair,” but when asked, said his blonde curls were cooler than Trump’s golden blond comb-over. Another compliment came from a little blonde girl who said the president made her think of “pictures of princesses.”

That probably would go over big with Trump, who often acts like he's the King of the USA, rather than the elected President. Kings generally serve for life. Presidents, thankfully, do not.

One little girl, obviously well informed about current political issues, said of Trump, “He wants to put a wall over Mexico, and I like, love going to Mexico.”

Added another boy, “He needs to stop threatening North Korea, because I don’t wanna get nuked.”

Instead of being obsessed with the size of his hands, his crowds, his nuclear button and poll results, Trump should listen to the kids. They cut through the crap, pay no attention to politics, and simply tell it like it is. Watch the video. At the end, the kids give their impressions of Trump.

It was tremendous. Everybody knows that!

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