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Where's the Good News?

How about some happy news for a change?

This morning when I sat down to write my daily Not Fake News blog, I really wanted to write about something light. Something happy. Nothing more about shootings, killings and school kids dying.

I thought maybe I'd write about the Winter Olympics in South Korea, about the incredible competition that's taking place. About those tremendous athletes who, in the case of skiers, see their hopes realized -- or dashed -- by one tenth of a second.

Just as you watch a near perfect performance in the ice arena, and you think that athlete is a sure gold medal winner, somebody else comes in and tops it -- and then somebody else tops them. What an incredible array of athletes from around the world on display during these Olympic Games.

But I didn't really feel like spending an entire blog talking about that. Otherwise, I really couldn't find much in the way of good news to write about today.

So I kept searching and I saw an article about yet another woman, this one a former Playboy model, revealing she had an affair with Donald Trump in 2006 and 2007 and that National Enquirer paid her $150,000 for her story and then didn't publish it. That's because the guy who heads the company that owns the supermarket tabloid, David Pecker (really!), did that to protect his pals, a policy called "catch and kill".

That story was just too disgusting to spend an entire blog writing about, and I decided that was hardly good news, anyway. Besides I didn't want to be accused of bashing Trump once again.

As I perused my news sources, I saw story after story about Parkland, FL high school students pleading with lawmakers to do something about guns. To keep military-type assault weapons out of the hands of everyday people, some of whom, for whatever reason, may decide to attack yet another school, another mall, another playground.

I really didn't want to write about that again. It's just too sad, what happened there and what's happened in so many other communities across our country. But then, I thought, that really is good news -- that the kids who were there were so courageously speaking out. Maybe, finally, they would have an impact.

So that's why I wrote the blog published earlier today, "Parkland Students: Politicians Failed Us."

Hopefully, their courage will shame our political leaders to stop their political posturing and at the very least ban assault style weapons and bump stocks so these weapons of mass destruction, these killing machines, become much more difficult for would-be mass murderers to obtain.

That, indeed, would be good news.

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