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GOP: Let's Take from the Old to Pay for the Rich

For many seniors, there will be many tough questions if the Republicans have their way.

If you're offended by a few cuss words don't read this. But if you depend on Social Security and Medicare, or you're about to, or your parents or grandparents do, then you should really be pissed off.

Why? Because key Republicans in Congress are pushing a plan to reduce Social Security and Medicare to tackle the deficit problem caused by their gazillion dollar tax cut designed to mostly benefit the wealthy and the corporations.

It had to happen.

It was OK for the GOPers to drive the federal government into the ground to finance that tax cut, but now they suddenly realize they had better do something. And guess who they're targeting? Those who depend on Social Security and Medicare.

Yes, those programs cost money. But excuse me, last time I checked every wage earner has contributed to the Social Security Trust Fund via money withheld from their paychecks.

As for Medicare, we pay a hefty premium every month. And on top of that, if you want to avoid having to pay a big chunk of your medical costs, you need to buy supplemental insurance. That costs me and my wife nearly $400 per month -- on top of the Medicare payments taken from our Social Security checks.

But that's not all, as the shyster on TV says.

If you want to cover at least part of the cost of prescription drugs, you pay extra for Medicare Part D, and then you get to buy a supplemental policy. For myself and my wife, the cost is in the neighborhood of $160. And then we still get to pay a lot of money, sometimes hundreds of dollars, out of pocket for prescriptions.

And we're healthy! What about people with a serious illness like cancer, heart disease, crippling arthritis, you name it? The cost can be astronomical -- even after you pay for all of these so-called coverages.

So what the hell are they going to do?

How can people living on Social Security benefits and maybe a modest pension and savings survive if the politicians either reduce benefits or increase costs or both?

What the hell does Trump care? Or the bigshot, rich Republicans in Congress, or his swamp rat cabinet members? The last thing they need to worry about is paying for health care or living on Social Security. That will be especially true for Trump when he goes to prison. They provide health care there, right?

If ever anything argued in favor of kicking the Republicans the hell out of the Congress, this is it. It's time for the Big Blue Wave, folks. Time to get on board and get rid of these slime bags.

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