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Sen. Lindsay Graham: 'Under the Trump Enchantment'

Sen. Lindsay Graham (official photo)

When Sen. Lindsay Graham (R-SC) was running for the Republican presidential nomination, he had few kind words for Donald Trump. In fact, he sent out this Tweet:

But now, Graham has become one of Trump's major apologists and defenders. To hear him talk today, Trump is America's savior and practically walks on water. That has angered many South Carolinians who had a modicum of respect, at least, for Graham.

This letter, shared with us by its author, David Horner of Columbia, SC, expresses the views of many:

To Lindsey Graham:

You and I do not share the same world view or, I think, the same reality. This is what I see: In 2016, a racist, brutish, sexual predator with no scruples and a long history of dishonesty in business and personal life, was proclaimed President on a technicality – having accumulated electoral votes by a narrow margin in three states, and having lost the popular vote by a stunning 2.8 million votes.

Like Republicans Rutherford B. Hayes, Benjamin Harrison, and George W. Bush before him, his was a cheap victory, yet he claimed to have a massive mandate to govern. This is the same man you said was “unfit for office”.

Though we were told during the campaign by the Democratic nominee that the Russians had manipulated our election, Mitch McConnell blocked the FBI investigation from becoming public. Since that election, and especially since the appointment of the Special Counsel, the evidence of interference by Putin’s Russia in our election, even down to the district and precinct level in these same three states, and evidence that members of the Trump campaign were “involved” or even cooperated in this caper, has grown into a mountain.

This president is in fact under investigation – either as a person of interest or as a target – in numerous federal and state investigations, which could include charges such as bank and tax fraud, numerous campaign violations, and obstruction of justice.

Your Republican Party, full of lust to pack the Judicial system from top to bottom, and to insure corporate welfare and giveaways for your donors, will not do anything to stop this outlaw president. You, Jeff Flake, Bob Corker, Ben Sasse, and especially the late and lamented John McCain, have spoken many pretty words in criticism of this president, but the only one of them who backed up his words with action and with his vote is John McCain. The words of the rest of you are empty.

I don’t know if I’ll ever understand how you came under the Trump enchantment, and really I don’t care. You have, though I can’t think of any person less enchanting than this brute. Now you and your colleagues, ignoring the order of the Senate and the objections of your Democratic colleagues, are pushing Trump’s second nominee to the nation’s highest court with a pile driver, while only 7 percent. of his public documents have been available for review.

Elections do have consequences, as you have said. In the case of 2016 – an illegal election – several have already realized the consequences of their actions – Flynn, Manafort, Gates, and others. I strongly suspect that Donald J. Trump will also feel the truncheon of justice. In fact, this is my fondest hope.

But you don’t care. Your Republican colleagues on Judicial don’t care. No Republican remaining in the Senate cares either, regardless of their words. There is an election in two months. If we are able to overcome Russian interference – which the president and Mitch McConnell have done precisely nothing to resolve – plus the Republican sponsored gerrymandering across the nation, ridiculous voter ID laws, closing of poll locations, and other voter suppression measure, then this election will have consequences most dire for Republicans.

Your decades at the feeding trough will not suddenly end, but I think you will see the beginning of the end of you(r) oligarchic minority rule of this nation.

You have chosen which side of history you (wish) to be on. It makes me a little sad, as I used to see you as a man of some conscience and integrity. I am willing to admit when I am wrong about something. I was wrong about you.

You and your fellows will proceed with this charade, not even acknowledging the protest of Americans who, though you disagree with and belittle them, are still Americans and deserve a hearing. But the public has been thrown out of the hearings.

I predict, though not with any great joy, that you will fall, and that fall be hard. Very hard.

The Response

Sen. Graham sent a canned response saying his chief goals are to serve his constituents and that he looks forward to working with the Trump administration "on making the many tough decisions ahead to reestablish the economy, raise the employment rate, improve our healthcare system, maintain our national security and restore America's leadership around the world."

"As these and other issues come up for debate in the Senate, I will be sure to keep your comments in mind," he said.

Great, Senator. Enjoy basking in Trumpian glory while it lasts. Hopefully, it will not last much longer.

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