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Two-Headed Snake Found in Virginia (It was NOT a Politician)

This two-headed Copperhead was found in Northern Virginia

Here's one for you. CNN reports that a two-headed copperhead was found in the backyard of a Northern Virginia resident and is now being studied.

Even though this is the political season, with elections coming in just a few weeks, this was really a snake -- not a politician speaking with a forked tongue (or tongues). However, some study conclusions would seem to have political ramifications.

How could that be?

According to the Wildlife Center of Virginia in Waynesboro, the snake was taken there for radiographs to determine how both the heads functioned with the body.

"It appears as though the left head is more dominant -- it's generally more active and responsive to stimulus," the Wildlife Center of Virginia said in a statement Friday.

That would be consistent with the political arena, where currently the left is more active and responsive to stimulus (Trump), while the right (Republicans) are just slithering around without saying much, except an occasional hiss, whenever Trump "stimulus" (like tweets) occurs.

The Wildlife Center's statement added that "Radiographs revealed that the two-headed snake has two tracheas (the left one is more developed), two esophaguses (the right one is more developed), and the two heads share one heart and one set of lungs. Based on the anatomy, it would be better for the right head to eat, but it may be a challenge since the left head appears more dominant."

So if you follow my political analogy, that means that the snake's left side windpipe is more developed, would allow it to do a better job of yelling and screaming if it were a politician. But with the right side esophagus more developed, that means it could swallow more bull.

The thing is that with only one heart and one set of lungs, the snake has to resolve all of these issues in order to survive. That's probably why the experts say two-headed snakes don't live very long.

"Too many challenges living day to day with two heads.", one official posted on Facebook.

Yep, we all face a lot of challenges these days with the left and the right (heads) going after each other all the time.

Was this a stretch, or what!

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